Conditioning ( Coach Davies)

Coach, you know I’m always primed for something new. My question has to do with rest periods and GPP. I have an article printed in Men’s Journal just before the Olympics last year and it has some of the training techniques of the athletes. Dan O’Brien has a workout very similar to your GPP. Here is his workout:

Push-ups 20 reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Sit-Ups or Crunches 20 reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Mountain Climbers 20 reps ( Right & Left Counts As One Rep)
Rest 30 Seconds
Vertical Jumps 20 reps
Rest 30 Seconds
Repeat circuit 2-5 times.

Is it ok to use this format with your GPP workouts? Keeping the faith. Solomon.

There you are - I was worrying about your knee’s & I just saw this post. The workout you mentioned would be fine. Remember GPP is simply that, General Physical Preparation. Now with regards to the rest intervals in between these exercises, I utilize a great deal of “active” rest with the circuits I prescribe. Hope that helps - In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, I posted a response to you on my last thread. I think I overdid it, Monday. I felt better as the day wore on. I’m ok, now. As a matter of fact, since I’ve been doing GPP instead of 5 minutes on the bike, some of the joint soreness I’ve felt in the past has subsided. In one of my earlier posts you asked me if I had access to water jugs. What kind of workout you could do with water jugs? Just for clarification, you do mean gallon jugs, right. I was wondering if you would send me the flexibility program you were talking about. My email address is [NOT ALLOWED ON THE FORUM- MOD] Keeping the faith, Solomon.

Water jugs / Kegs - they’re all the same because if its too light, you can always put some water in it. I will use those for a “hang clean” “turkish get-up” “overhead pushes” and a fun little alternative, throw one on each shoulder and go for a walk. - Always love hearing from you, let me know how I can help. In faith, Coach Davies