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Conditioning Choice

I’m an athlete… I’m a former wrestler, swimmer, and olympic weightlifter.

I’ve retired from those sports and now am trying my hand at tumbling and parkour.

I was wondering, since flexibility and bodyweight strength seem to be my limiting factors, if there are are standard or great bodyweight exercises for these sports? Also what type of conditioning would you suggest?

I’ve have done complexes, metabolic pairings, general lactate acid & circuit training, running, sprinting (hills/stadium/suicides), swimming, jumping rope, and general heavy weight lifting (powerlifting & olympic weightlifting) in the past… but I think I need a different conditioning format for these sports…



If flexibility and BW exercises are your limiting factors, do more stretching and BW exercises. Parkour is plyometric in nature, so speed and power need to be emphasized. Plyo pushups, clapping pullups, jump squats, jump split squats, etc. I’d keep the oly lifts in too.

As far as conditioning goes, keep doing what you are doing.

Both tumbling and parkour require a lot of technique to be good at them. That’ll come with practice. The best way to get better is to keep doing it.

I’m using barbell squats, snatch pulls as my bb exercises, in terms of dbs I’m doing explosive olympic movements e.g. clean pulls, push press, etc.

I prefer bw upper body exercises over standard pressing/rowing… other than pushups, handstands, pullups/chin ups, what else can I do for my upper body in respect to bodyweight?

What lower body BW exercises do you suggest as well?

I want to maintain/gain explosiveness in my legs, but condition my upper body/lower body also in respect to BW exercises… of course flexibility is key… I’m throwing in dynamic/static passive sessions… also spend my time practicing tumbling…