Conditioning Challenge with Shoulder Problem

I’m training around a jacked up shoulder (labrum tear), my main goal is to get in shape for winter sports. Just finished week 4 of the planned sets, distance, and rests from the Prowler Challenge, using a sled with a high shoulder harness. Conditioning is definitely improving, kinda cool, my resting heart rate is down from 73 to 65 (via Fitbit).

In the prowler challenge, with the heavier weights, did you “sprint” each set, moving as fast as possible, or more, “just keep it moving” to get all the work in?

You mentioned hill sprints as an alternative you considered in the book. If you had done a program where the conditioning was all lower body, would you have considered a little more pressing volume?

My legs are growing faster than they have in years. I am eating to keep up with the sled work, wondering if I am missing an opportunity, since I my arms are not involved in the conditioning. In the book, “You are welcome to push the upper body lifts as you see fit.” Would adding FSL or Jokers to the upper body lifts be stupid? Would increasing the assistance volume for delts and tri’s be better or worse choice?

You can do what you want but it seems to me that you are kicking ass and making progress and want to change? Why? Are you afraid of success?

And you do realize that upper/lower body don’t really exist, right? You must get rid of this 2nd grade level of training which separates the body like its independent parts. Read again about Hans Selye, too.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve started my workouts this week with the training cue: “Are you afraid of success?”

Stuck with the plan. After reading some Selye, if I am neglecting anything, it’d be not eating enough protein. Fixed that. And stretching enough. Fixed that, too. Done 18 of the 36 days in the 12 week plan. I am beginning to understand the “suck” you wrote about. During the last few trips yesterday, I said, “Expect more from yourself.” out loud to the sled.

Did the prowler volume effect your feet? I started icing mine after workouts. Did you pick any specific shoes? I am thinking about switching to my hard sole work boots, distribute the load better.