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Conditioning and High Frequency Training

Anyone have recommendations for fitting in conditioning while lifting 5-6 days per week? I was thinking of just adding something near the end of most workouts. I’m not looking to extend my time at the gym so I would be limiting to about 45-50 minutes total.

Do like @Alpha and throw it in at the start as a warm up and end as a finisher. 10 minute EMOM work or tabatas would get you a lot in a little time.

Giant sets help too.

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I’ve been using the “sledmill” for the past few weeks, and it has contributed to losing almost 15 pounds with no noticable affect on my strength training. Just walk on a treadmill with the power off, using your legs to keep the belt moving. I go for about 10 min right before I leave the gym, alternating forwards and backwards. Its a decent replacement for a sled/prowler if you don’t have access to one.

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Now that I think of it I can probably do some type of AM/PM thing too. Sledmill might depend on the type of tredmill too, I can see that not working at all on some types, it depends how they were designed.

I like doing farmer’s walks and hill sprints at the end of my workouts. It takes very little time, works both my forearms and traps and doesn’t eat away my training efficiency.

Heavy walks and sprints are too taxing for me while also lifting 5-6 days a week. I’d recommend Tabatas on a stationary bike or rower.

you find tabatas easier to recover from than sprints? I’m flirting with the idea of adding a little HIT into my routine

Non-weight bearing tabatas, absolutely. Its almost pure cardio, so much so that I find myself wearing a leotard and leg warmers for it.

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I had to google what Tabatas were. Are they a new thing? Or am I just such a fatass that I’ve selectively ignored them…

The original research was done in '96 but popularized more recently.

  • search term was “tabata training”.

No they are not new . At least 10 -15 years a go