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Conditioning and Assistance Question for BBB #2 The Triumvirate


Gday Jim,

I bought and completely read 531 1st + 2nd edition + Beyond 531. I just completed my first month of BBB Assistance #1 post car-accident with neck, shoulder, wrist and groin tendonitis injuries this year, no broken bones thankfully. I`m looking forward to next months training using the Triumvirate Template. I am hoping to try out the hardgainer or monolith templates during the next winter season in Australia.

I found the first month of 531 very good for my joints, using a 90% training max and lighter weights for 5 x 10 reps on assistance exercises. I have never been a “strong” guy I’ve always been very thin and now due to recovering from the trauma of my car accident and unhealthy eating for 10 months I have gained a lot of bodyfat…25% in fact. So for the conditioning I am following your prescription by doing prowler pushes; walking it slowly 10 sets x 40 metres @40kg added to the sled twice a week. I find that exercises gives me a huge pump in my quads so I am wondering whether I should also do some backward sled dragging with ropes to work on my hamstrings to balance out?

2nd Question: On the hanging leg raise exercise I cannot get my toes to touch the bar without swinging. I am doing them strict as you suggest in 1st and 2nd edition but can only raise my feet 90 degrees (parallel to the floor). Is this correct?

Btw, Thank you for your books they have been very inspiring and motivating during a difficult time in my life. I hope you can be persuaded to come to Australia one day to run some lifting seminars, I’d definitely be there. Cheers


Well it would have been nice to get some response!

  1. Use the AirDyne or similar easy conditioning during BBB. Stay in zone 1/zone 2. Backward sled dragging, unless you are built 100% different than the rest of the world, is mostly quad. So I don’t know how you’ve been doing them or maybe my quads are in the wrong place.

Ride the AirDyne hard - 20-40 minutes, 3-4 days/week. That is the only right answer.

  1. Use bent knees.

Understand that I work a full-time job, write, volunteer for 15-30 hours a week and have a family and have a ton of shit trying to get done. So sometimes I don’t get to every single question asked to me.


No problems, I know too well with myself; FT time job, setting up a home business, family, training and getting in some recovery.

Thanks Jim for the feedback, I`ll take your prescription onboard, very much appreciated for all your generous work on here

Looking forward to the new book, cheers