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Condition 10 Days Out From First NPC Classic Physique Show

Looks pretty solid to me!

Looks like you need to drop your carbs immediately.

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You needed to be far leaner at this point.

That looks essentially like the bodyfat I walk around at (he may be even higher than me, I’m far more vascular), and based on our conversations, a 12 week prep would be ideal for me.

Ruh Roh.

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I could say two things here:

1- I’ve seen plenty of NPC competitors that aren’t anywhere near the conditioning brought by tested competitors, so that you are this lean, isn’t necessarily a bad thing,… but it’s not amazing 10 days out.

2- If I were prepping someone for a show, I’d want them looking like this 2 months out (shoulders are still smooth, abs and midsection can be deeper, mid chest should be seriously diced like someone took a fork to it)

Let us know how things go regardless!



This was this morning about 5 pounds less. Thank you for the feedback. Any diet advice for the last 2 days before the show?

how did it go?

I ended up 8th out of 20 in the class. It was my first competition and a huge learning experience for sure. I know my conditioning has to improve significantly to be competitive at this level. I do think I have a lot of potential in the classic physique division. I’m only 23 so I think in the coming years I’ll be able to grow a lot and learn to prep more efficiently.


Nice work. What did you end up changing 10 days out if anything?

Dropped carbs pretty low but didn’t make any crazy changes.

Yes, I can see you doing well in the Classic Division if you can keep your shape and symmetry, and continue to add quality size as well as bring it in a bit tighter than your first outing.

Definitely a respectable showing, especially for a first show. Much respect!