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I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on condiments. I use two pretty heavenly, both an unsweetened organic ketchup, and different types of organic mustard (german, dijon, and yellow). The thing that I would be most worried about is the sodium content in the mustard's, which is around 50-60mg's per tsp. Do you think that is high enough to have a negative effect if I am eating a decent amount of it 3-4 times per day with meats and veggies?

They have become a staple of flavoring in my diet, as I avoid most everything else because of the negative ingredients. Thoughts?


You can make your own mustard using dry, ground mustard, if you want to control the sodium:


You have to kind of filter through them since quite a few contain sugar.

I'm also a big fan of roasted garlic spread - this is the easiest recipe I've found, and only contains garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper:

I use a food processor at the end to get a smooth paste, and rub it on meat and fish before I cook it, or add it to veggies...yum.


Unless you're a few weeks out from a contest (or if you have naturally high blood pressure), I wouldn't worry about sodium content. When I'm dieting, I need all the condiments I can get my hands on! -lol



Thanks. This along the lines I was thinking. Neither of the condiments contain sugar, they are mostly vinegar and herbs/spices, the sodium is the only slightly bad thing. I don't eat salt on anything else so I guess it's probably good to get my sodium from somewhere. I also pound a lot of water throughout the day.

Bet you can't wait to use some condiments after the contest huh Stu?


Looks great, I don't eat olive oil so I might have to make another spread, but I love garlic and onions.


Franks red hot.


Don't worry about a little sodium unless you have health issues or are getting ready for a bbing show. I use a carb reduced ketchup, dijon mustard and garlic pureé on everything in the meat department :wink:


Yeah, Mustard is usually okay in any circumstance. Even though I'll be dropping most of my stuff later this week (pre-contest), I'llprobably keep mustard, and maybe Mrs. Dash (which I just bought 5 varieties of!) as it has no sodium in it.



I think I'm going to make hot wings tonight ... I've had chicken in my freezer for a while ... it's time to utilize it


Condiments + restrictive diet = Same results, much better experience


Horse radish

Franks red hot

Chinese red chilli and garlic sauce


Can you find pure horse radish and Frank's Red Hot at the grocery store or would it be better to order?


Supermarket, yea.


What do you guys think of Walden Farms Calorie Free Catsup?


The 2nd ingredient listed is tomato paste yet it says 0g Carbs... Okay to use while dieting?


Just picked up some Frank's, looking forward to that at dinner. It's pretty high in sodium, do y'all just let that slide?

I can't find straight horse radish anywhere, any of the horse radish I find has a lot of fillers including soybean or canola oil. Do stores sell straight horse radish?


Yes that seems fine, unless your in the final week of contest prep or something, I don't think you need to get worry at all. I use an unsweetened ketchup on everything and it has 1g carbs per serving. Just check the ingredients on what your eating and your good to go.


Frank's is awesome, great taste and perfect level of spiciness, not hot but just enough kick to satisfy. Love it.


Unless you have pre-existing high blood pressure problems there is no reason to avoid sodium. It's an essential part of a human's diet. And if youre eating like an athlete/bodybuilder should you aren't eating a ton of processed sodium rich foods in the first place. A few splashes of hot sauce is nothing to give extra thought to.


Yea I was thinking along those lines, especially the notion that I eat zero junk/processed food as a result of the Paleo Diet, so it's probably helpful to get sodium from such sources.


Just tried something that I read in another thread:

mixing greek yogurt + frank's hot sauce and pouring it on chicken

Worked great!