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Condensing 5/3/1 w/Singles AKA 3/5/1


Hey folks, anyone run the 3/5/1 matt rhodes version of Wendler's 5/3/1?


I just finished my 2nd session/week. I plan on doing 2 weeks of loading in one week. That is performing the deadlift, OHP and bench press 2x per week. Note: I don't squat that much at present.

My basic split:

Day 1
Deadlift day with assistance

Day 2
OH press in the AM
Bench press with assistance in the PM

Day 3 off


Sometimes i might run 3 days in a row if i feel like it.

I'm a big fan of high frequency it works for me and it's more fun. I'm not interested in a debate about frequency.


Why aren't you squatting?



I might add some light squats for assistance. My main reason is that my main goal is a 500lb deadlift. I realize they can help my deadlift but i believe in practising a lift a lot to get good at it so heavy squats [/b]might[b] take away from my deadlift.


I don't think many people are going to have much input on this since I've not seen anyone try to run it this way. I wouldn't do it or recommend it, but you seem to be set on trying it out so there's not much to add.
Let us know how it works.


I actually got the idea from reading a post on here by crow. He trains a heck a lot more then what i'm planning though. :slight_smile:

He said he was running though a cycle every 10-14days i believe not sure if he was using the deload or not but i will see if i want to, most likely i would say.


The actual 5/3/1 for Powerlifting is coming out on EFS as an e-book this week, any questions you have would probably best be answered straight from the horse's mouth


Cool, the only thing i'm doing the same way though is the loading progression. Different days/frequency, different exercises. :slightly_smiling:


You are really doing a different program with the changes you've made. You are simply using the percentages in the program. You could also ask Jim the question directly on the Elitefts Q & A. I'm guessing he would tell you to do the program as written.

The biggest difficulty with the frequency you have laid out is that you are essentially deadlifting heavy 2x per week. I would likely regress doing this and my lower back would be beat to death. If you are set on deadlifting twice a week, I would do the 5/3/1 percentage one day and do light speed pulls (~60%) for singles on the other day. That way you could "practice" deadlifting twice a week without beating up your body too much.

Again, you can do what you want but I would recommend making sure your diet, recovery, sleep, etc... are perfectly in line to recover from the increased frequency.


Thanks for the input. The deadlift will be the interesting lift, if i feel i have to cut to 1x per week i will when i start increasing the weight but right now i don't consider the percentages that high. Only the few singles i'll be doing which is still low.

The upper body work will be fine. This is lower frequency and overall volume then i'm used to.