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I am having a good deal of trouble healing from concussions lately and I’m curious if anyone has ideas. I got 2 within 2 weeks (didnt get KO’s but they were pretty good…head hurt when i turned it or walked or anything) wrestling last fall. When i tried to bench about 2 weeks after the 2nd one, it felt like i got another just from pushing my head against the bench. I was told that i had inflamed a blood vessel in the back of my head.

four weeks ago (almost 9 months after the last one) I hit my head pretty hard on a low beam in the basement where I work (yes, go ahead, laugh). I felt the same thing right away and i get the concussed aching every time i move my head quickly. I know a serious concussion can take 6 months to heal, but I can’t figure out why my brain was still so fragile after 9 months, and it doesnt seem to be getting better in the last 3 weeks.

I am used to having a rock hard head…this is ridiculous. A doctor and two neurologists have told me that I should wait it out and that there’s nothing they can do except and MRI, but that there really arent any other options for diagnoses. I am definitely going to talk to my neurologist this week, but I’m curious if anyone has any ideas/experience with anything like this. It seems like normal concussions should not last nearly this long, especially when they’re not even bad enough to knock me out in the first place.


Looks like the inflamation in the blood vessel is still there. Are you taking any fish-oils?

Why not?

Also, I would get the MRI.

You only have one brain and if you loose or damage it, you might find yourself voting republican.