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Concussion? How To Tell?


I'm asking.

Got hit in the face last night with a baseball bat, nice bruise and swelling, small cut under my left eye. Didn't black out, felt dizzy shortly afterwards and all day today have felt lightheaded at times, a bit dizzy, sort of out of it. Stayed up till 1:00 last night, incident happened about 8:20, didn't sleep great.

I've taken hard head shots before in accidents, fights, etc, but never had aftereffects like this.

Any suggestions? Besides going to the doctor which I will do tomorrow if symptoms persist.

And to answer the question, it was an 8 yr old with a metal bat who was warming up, getting ready to bat and he didn't see me walking back behind the plate, and I didn't notice him swinging until he hit me. Real tough guy story there, eh?


You let an 8 yr old take you out? Nice.

Maybe the link below will be of help.

And thanks to the internet, everyone's a doctor! :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel better, man.


Yeah I let an 8 yr old with a 27 inch beat beat me down, what can I say.
At least he didn't knock me out.

Just one of the dangers of umpiring.

And thanks for the link. I do believe I do have a mild concussion, first time for everything.


How many fingers an I holding up?

Seriously, it sounds like a mild concussion. See a doctor.



Didja see a doc? Are you feeling better?


Yeah, that's not normal. A doctor's visit is definitely a good idea. I've read that a very basic "test" for a concussion is to have someone tell you a color, an animal, a person's first name, and a "thing", and try to say them back 3-5 minutes later. If you can't, then absolutely get looked at by a doctor. Apparently, short term memory loss is a common indicator of a mild concussion.

No man, you mean to say that it was 8 guys with bats and nunchucks, and you were able to dispatch three of them before the rest overwhelmed you, like the cowards they are.