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Concussion and Returning To Training

I received a blow to the head playing rugby on the 21st of September.
I was told by the club no games until the 12th of October. As I was concussed. Turns out weight training / any exercise including HIIT & LISS cardio restarts this time out so I’m back to square one having trained Sunday night.
What the veiw / process for other sports? I know NFL has lots to say on concussion.
Whats the science behind this total tine out? Does anyone know?

Im not trying to return early. I told the coach Id refrain from training so I will. Its not just my health (wjich i value) but the club that sufferers if I fall ill.

But can anyone tell me if this 2 weeks out with 0 exercise is standard across all contact sports? And why?

Are you a student athlete?

Every state’s concussion protocol is different. I do nothing think there is ANY club protocols not Including any training a coach might have done. Concussions can be pretty serious. Most High schools/colleges have Athletic Trainers, I suggest meeting your immediate one and see what their protocol is.

Note: don’t ask them to diagnose or determine if you are eligible to play because you were hurt during an non-school event ( why I asked about being a student athlete).

Just so you know normally if you have a concussion that means no athletic activity. This can go as far as no test taking, and or limited school work too. Your two week time frame is minimal most schools have a return to play program. I will let your local school AT tell you theirs.

Google “Concussion in Sports Group” and you will find a consensus statement by a worldwide panel of experts on concussion. Generally speaking, most athletes recover within ten days (there is obviously much individual variation), and a graduated return to sports is recommended. In other words, activity is gradually increased over several days before a complete return. I am attaching a couple quotes from the paper.

" After a brief period of rest during the acute phase (24–48 hours) after injury, patients can be encouraged to become gradually and progressively more active while staying below their cognitive and physical symptom-exacerbation thresholds (ie, activity level should not bring on or worsen their symptoms). It is reasonable for athletes to avoid vigorous exertion while they are recovering. The exact amount and duration of rest is not yet well defined in the literature and requires further study."

“After a brief period of initial rest (24–48 hours), symptom-limited activity can be begun while staying below a cognitive and physical exacerbation threshold (stage 1). Once concussion-related symptoms have resolved, the athlete should continue to proceed to the next level if he/she meets all the criteria (eg, activity, heart rate, duration of exercise, etc) without a recurrence of concussion-related symptoms. Generally, each step should take 24 hours, so that athletes would take a minimum of 1 week to proceed through the full rehabilitation protocol once they are asymptomatic at rest. However, the time frame for RTS may vary with player age, history, level of sport, etc, and management must be individualised.”

Ha - I’d like to be either. As it is I’m a fat 34 year old man.
But thanks. I ask about nfl as they are a few years ahead of rugby in terms of concussion management. Thsmjs for the info.

I’ll have a read up on that paper.

Thank you.

What country are you in and rugby code do you play? Here in Australia they’re very specific. In terms of RTS, you should progress from light cardio, to moderate cardio, to intense cardio and skills training to full contact. Have you seen a GP or a Sports Physician yet?

I play Union in the UK. There is a really strict policy over here too. That I became aware of only after I screwed it up.
I have 14 days of nothing, then every 24h I can up the exercise level for 5 days until I can return full contact. But I also have a graduated return to play full games. I think I have to play 2 halfs before I can do a full game.

BTW I’m talking to club about when I need to see a GP.

Whats the Aus rules on returning just to compare?