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Concerts You've Been To/Going To

No selective reading here, I’ve read plenty of what you’ve said on here and that comment was straight out of the angry ‘murican handbook. We probably wouldn’t go to the same parties, anyhow, so I wouldn’t sweat it.

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What types of parties do you attend? Wondering if they’re the same type I go too (perhaps, though perhaps not as I’m very young)… At the music events/concerts people of all ages attend though

I’ll be sure to lose sleep. Keep projecting fella. You wear it well.

He CERTAINLY is… more than a douche, he’s a (seriously…) psychopath

yes, newer stuff isn’t metal anymore though

Don’t know this one

I don’t go to parties, haha. Having kids makes all that less fun (for me). But when I did, there were some gasp drugs there, and that guy has talked about killing all drug users, whereas I don’t consider occasional recreational use a sin, nor do I consider addiction to be a moral deficiency. Dunno what I’m projecting, or if he knows what that means, just saying whatever party I would be at, he probably wouldn’t be there.

Scott Connor (Xasthur) is doing acoustic stuff now. Very strange but really neat.

Leviathan is another one man bm project. His name is Jeff Whitehead. Dude’s legit extremely depressed and in tremendous pain. Check him out. His music is quite avant garde

Oh good grief… Shooting drug users out of a howitzer was a joke dude. C’mon… It’s not even practical. Yet.

Perhaps it’s because I see how users enable an extremely violent trade and how it’s effects are far more reaching than just the user / junkie.

WHAT!!! at a PARTY? NOooooooooo

I’ve never heard of something so absurd…

I’m having a party tonight (not huge, don’t have enough close friends to throw a massive house party with a lot of people, it’d be inviting mostly random kids/kids I don’t know… not happening) in celebration of my birthday

Quite a few people in the black metal scene have this ideology… a bit hypocritical, it’s not as if the kids in mayhem didn’t party/use drugs… they did (well, mostly)… and mysticum (another band)… they were HARDCORE (like Ozzy Osbourne level drug use here). If you want to preach against any level of recreational drug use through music (be it occasional, intermittent or whatever)… follow Christian rock/metal or something, not black metal

Have you read Lords of Chaos ? BM is kinda fascinating aesthetically but the dudes are mostly geeks and dweebs. Lots of racist douchebags too.

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Read it and seen the movie (some glaring idescrepancies lol… movie wasn’t entire accurate but still did a good job being relatively faithful to the source material), but nah it depends on the band/group you were talking about. Many of the original BM dudes were into hard drugs.

The racism though… ugh… horrible, I did/do like the anti organised religion aspect/ideology the music pushes though. It is of my personal opinion that the existence of organised religion, whilst providing a valuable cultural asset for many families… is outdated and in developed society now fuels more conflict than good

Not a whole lot… let’s see… Black Label Society, Children of Bodom, Veil of Maya, Trivium, Shadows Fall, The Browning, Carnifex, I Declare War, Lorna shore… these were the most memorable anyways. My taste has greatly shifted to more Deathcore, BDM, and Slam, while also having less funds/less desire to see shows. So these are all pretty long ago. Carnifex always has lots of fire which is fun, and weirdly enough, the Trivium pit was by far the hardest thing I’ve been in. Ended up having to fish part of my tooth out of the back of this dudes head… a black eye… busted lip… ended up actually getting into a straight up fist fight in there after all this… yeah no fucking way could I do that anymore. Which is good, because most of the bands I like now just cant get popular enough to get that rowdy.

Regarding black metal… I like the visual interpretations, and I’m also into the atheistic views, but the racism and bigotry is insufferable. I’ll put a lot of my own views on the back burner for the sake of music, but that shit is uncool. I just cant in good faith get behind it.

*Edit for bands I’d like to see: ASG, Alice in Chains, Angelmaker, Acrania, Infant Annihilator (if they would ever tour)

I saw Public Enemy supporting the Prodigy just before Kieth died. Second time I’ve seen them first time was 1987 . Saw Kendrick Lamar for the second time last year and going to see SchoolboyQ at the month end.
I’d forgotten about the black keys saw them in 2000 or so and they rocked🎶

Check out The Ten most Hilarious Black Metal pictures. Absolutely hilarious. So cheesy.

Nothing ever compared to an old school Slayer pit. Holy shit…

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Not a fan of most deathcore, love children of bodom though

Im an old school metal head. Slayer. Testament. Mercyful Fate. King Diamond. Motorhead. Old Metallica and Megadeth. All these new sub genres don’t interest me at all really.

Just noticed your Death avatar. Killer songs. Chuck was ahead of his time.

I saw them for the Seasons In The Abyss tour in 1991. Small venue that they were the last concert ever in. Super loud and aggressive, completely insane, 100% awesome.

First concert ever- Deep Purple with Bad Company for the House of Blue Light tour.

Pink Floyd for Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell tour.

Rush- a bunch of times.

Grateful Dead- July 1994 no idea what for.

Overkill, not sure about when or why.

Ozzfest- Zombie, Slayer, Sabbath, met my wife there long before actually meeting her. Saw a picture after we actually met and said “Hey! You were behind me at Ozzfest…”

Staind, eh well. They were pretty good. Had fun.

Two bands I’d really like to see would be Tool and whoever Les Claypool lines up with.