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Concerts You've Been To/Going To

I’m a big fan of going to concerts, and I thought it would be interesting to hear some shows others have seen. While music tastes mean what I consider to be an awesome show, you might not, what are some memorable/impressive acts you’ve seen (maybe nothing too obscure).

Some “legends” I’ve seen:

Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan (2x), Rolling Stones (2x), U2 (2x), Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Allman Brothers (2x), Ray Charles, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, KISS, Grateful Dead

Some other “favorites” many have heard of:
Black Crowes (multiple times), Gov’t Mule (multiple times), Drive By Truckers, Derek Trucks (multiple times), Buddy Guy,

Upcoming shows I’m seeing this year:

Sturgill Simpson, Wilco, Black Crowes (yet again)

Others as part of festivals/award shows:

Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine

My favorite show might have been a 1998 Bob Dylan show at El Rey Theatre in LA.

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Seen Govt mule once with the Avett brothers a couple Summers ago … that was a cool show.

Saw the chili peppers with Snoop Dogg as their opener which was cool

Queens of the stone age 3 times and them crooked vultures which was a rad fucking show.

Iron maiden with ghost opening up for them … also saw them this past summer.

Ozzy @ ozzfest which was cool.

Charlie Daniels when I was in Korea.

Took my mom to see Rod Stewart and Cindy Lauper

I’ve seen Dave Matthews a few times and Jack Johnson twice.

Saw Chevelle with trust company back in 03 I think it was at some small club in Columbia sc

Saw Jay z back in the late 90s (probably 99 or 2000 … before I graduated but before the blueprint was released) - I think Missy Elliot was with him.

Saw Bush back in 02 … that was a fucking great show

I’ve seen Los Lobos twice … they’re great live … love them.

Probably some more that I’m forgetting

Edit: Roger Daltry the year the who played the super bowl. He looked frail as shit but could still belt out there tunes

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Nice list of shows.

Haven’t seen Avett Brothers but would like to.

I’ve seen Rod Stewart, too. Not a fan necessarily, but fun to see with a group of people and some drinks.

Seen him play with Ben Harper. Long time ago, like 1997/8 or in San Diego.

I think I saw him with Donavon Frankenreiter in '03 … twas the weekend I got a dwi on a military installation … fun times lol

Avett brothers are really fucking good live … go see them … they put a lot of themselves into their live shows

So many…

Maiden. Sabbath. Priest. Metallica. Fuckin’ Slayer. Ghost. Pantera. Kiss. Napalm Death. Down. Motorhead. Eagles. Ozzy. Gwar. Goatwhore. Prong. Social Distortion. Zeke. CoC. Cannibal Corpse. Immolation. Danzig. Misfits. Mastodon. Suicidal. LoG. Sepultura. Avatar. Dax Riggs. Devin Townsend. Anciients. Anthrax. God Forbid. Manson. RHCP. Foo Fighters. Overkill. High on Fire. Morbid Angel. Guns and Roses. Deftones. Alice in Chains. Dying Fetus. Deadboy and the Elephantmen. Testament. Soilent Green. Crowbar. Megadeth. Crue. Soulfly. God Forbid. AFI. Melvin. S.o.i.A. White Zombie. Black Dahlia. In Flames. Stone Temple Pilots. Meat Puppets. Opeth. Baroness. BLS. A bunch I forgot…

SJR. REO Speed Dealer. Legion. Macabre. Dance with the Dead. Death Angel. Big Business.

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I was at that Maiden and Ghost show. Killer.

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How was opeth? They’re coming s around my parts next month … might catch them

I believe opeth is now purely progressive rock, the death metal aspects have been entirely overwritten (unfortunately)

I’m going to (this year, and it SEEMS so far)

  • uncle acid and the deadbeats
  • Iron Maiden
  • Alice Cooper
  • Guns N Roses (if they come to Aus)
  • Metallica (it’ll happen)
  • Perhaps Atreyu… a bit on the edgy side but don’t mind them

Need to save up a lot though, would go to downloadfest this year but the line up looks shit compared to last year

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Mind blowing good. Definitely catch that show. Incredible musicianship.

They are but they still play the oldies. Their prog stuff is so cool. But im partial to Deliverance and their earlier stuff.

Clapton at the Garden, Billy Joel and Paul McCartney at Citi Field AND Yankee Stadium, Santana at the Garden, Rage Against the Machine (holy shit), Bruce Springsteen, The Who, and some more shameful ones like Sum 41, lol.

For those that like Gov’t Mule and Black Keys, I’m going to see Marcus King in Santa Cruz next month. He’s young (23) but has already made a name for himself as a singer/guitarist, and his new album (out last Friday) was produced and co-written by Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys).

It’s ok man. I saw Staind once on purpose.

It was a pretty decent time.

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No way… they’re still touring?

This was a long time ago, haha. Right before they broke up. Randall’s Island.

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Apparently the anti capitalist pro commie pukes are doing some reunion shows soon.

I love them… you can have you’re own opinion

I never saw them as outright communistic, saw them as a band that had strongly engrained beliefs regarding certain ideologies/conceptualised values within society and I respected them for that (so long as said beliefs don’t push hate and/or anti semitism… looking at you Burzum/some black metal bands)… I don’t respect hate or racism…

Bulls on parrraaaaadddeeee

I like a lot of their songs but the stench of their hypocrisy is strong. Especially Tom’s. Dude’s a cunt.

Bahaha… Burzum. Varg is a douche. Lots of bm guys strike me as angsty geeks. I do enjoy some old school Mayhem, Emperor and Dark Throne though.

Ever hear Xasthur or Leviathan ?

I think I already knew how not fun you are at parties, but this is a nice cherry on top.


Like ya bro… Like fight the power.

Your selective reading is noted. Gotta love the webz. Where irrelevant strangers turn straight to projection and assumptions. Do better dude.