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Concerns About Starting - Roid Rage?


Ok, heres my first post. I've done as much research as I could, on several forums and sources, and I think I might be ready to start my very first cycle. I honestly haven't read every post on every site, but I think I've been able to get enough education to have some final questions that I think are valid before I start. My main concern is about roid rage. Some say its a myth, others say its not.

I would like to hear from anyone that has a very bad temper already that has a family with kids. My temper is pretty bad, not towards my family but towards others when they do something wrong. Both my kids are under 4 years old, it can become very frustrating and annoying at home, especially when they both get needy or when they fight with each other. Should I be concerned about roid rage at home with my family? I'm also in a stressful career, so I really would like some insight. Has anyone else had these similar concerns before starting?


Steroids do not make people unstable… they make unstable people MORE unstable. lol


So with that information i’d say they aren’t for you if you have pre-existing anger issues… especially if medicated. If you do not have the self discipline to control your anger then you don’t have the discipline to have your diet in check to use.




Thanks for all the info, and I did read the newbie guide before posting. Maybe I was a little too dramatic with my temper issue. Its not that I go into an uncontrollable rage when milk spills, its just that I do get mad easily. I don’t take it to the next level often, the last time I got into a physical fight was probably over 5 years ago.

My concern is that the gear would push me over to the next level when I’m mad already.


try it if thts what happens then stop juicin


[quote]13B-T wrote:
If you do not have the self discipline to control your anger then you don’t have the discipline to have your diet in check to use.[/quote]

So you assume basically everyone that has anger issues can’t possibly have the discipline to have their diet in check?


nah Bud’s thats bull…

i have had my fair share of anger issues which i can control most of the time now.

yes steroids will make this worse, For me it was always towards the end of my cycle

my best advice would be to get some help with your anger before you start


In my own experience, the whole “roid rage” phenomenon is blow out of proportion. As with every other dude in the world, I am prone to having a short fuse. Despite this, I have never had a genuine “roid rage” experience.

Take from this what you will.