Concerns About Bulking

So, I was lifting for a while and doing a great job dropping weight (this was about three years ago). Made it from probably 225 to 180. Looked really good. Then I started grad school. Weight came back but not the same amount (thank god).
I started three weeks ago just working out, lifting more and more. Exp. Went from 20lbs for a bicep curl to 45 in three weeks. Good form. I’ve put on about 5lbs (starting at 210). But I have the grad belly. Should I even be worried or should I just roll with it for like 12 was, get my strength up, and then do a cutting phase and really diet it all down? I feel overwhelmed…

I belive for most students (and the general population) it is an issue of what they are choosing to eat, rather than how much they are choosing to eat.

I find that following the Simple Diet article written here on T-Nation by Tim Henriques is a nice way to maintain healthy body fat levels. You’re not going to be magazine cover ripped, but for the average bro like myself at 32 years of age, I find it a good balance of eating good food, having plenty of energy, staying strong, and not being a fat ass.

Now if you are an aspiring amateur bodybuilder or something, I apologize, I don’t have any experience with that realm. Otherwise, unless you’re competing in a sport, I personally don’t find any reason to going into cut or bulk “phases.” Just eating healthy and adjusting calories over time to reach your goals, I find, is the most beneficial method.

Link to Article: The Simple Diet

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One of my big issues in the past was being flabby (nice layer of fat with only a bit of muscle). My goal before was to get rid of as much fat while I could. Of course working out made it so I was hungry all the time. Now that grad school is done I wanted to just get bigger and stronger (emp on bigger), and I seem to (in general) get bigger fairly easily. But I have this layer of grad fat. And this is what I keep wondering about…diet it down now or just relax and do it later after I gain more strength and (under it all) leaner mass.

Get on a full body template plan like this, -will lean you out as well get you stronger…

(and obviously clean up diet/cut out sugary crap etc)

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Just make better choices in what you eat. You will get leaner without having to “diet down” and you will also be able to continue training hard.

Unless you are already like 12% body fat, and wanting to get leaner, all of the above advice will work.

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