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Concerning fat fast


Not to cause undue negative attention, but is this a possibility with fat fast?



I can only get into the abstract. Did you read the whole article? What kind of a diet is this: protein-sparing modified fasting diet?? This could be any diet...


PSMF is a very low calorie (~900) low carb diet. It was supposedly listing the autopsy report of a person who suddenly died while following this diet under doctor supervision. my question is is that a possibility given the severity of the fat fast. Are there other instances (sp) of sudden death of people on this type of fast?


Strange! does anyone know anything about this?


900 calories? how light in weight was this person. you are supposed to do androgens while on the fat fast to keep protein synthesis jacked because of the low carb. it's much better to do the modified cheaters diet or t-dawg diet if not on androgens. it's a healthier lifestyle anywyas. laters pk


Bronx, don't forget that a lot of the people who do that type of diet are obese and have a number of (sometimes serious) health issues that really do require a doctor's supervision.



I don't think you guys have anything to worry about. I used the fat fast last year and went extreme beyond what was outlined in the diet plan.

At one stage i was hitting around 1300-1500 cala when maintenance was 2800, on top of this was 4x week trining and 5x week training CV on top. (i skipped on the flax oil, big mistake)

Biggest mistake i have ever made, i felt very tired and lethargic, although the biggest regret was i lost ALL the muscle i had gained in the past 3 months.

personall i would go for t-dawg over this


oh my someone died on a diet! people die who aren't on diets people get hit by cars people, and there had to be someone who died from a random meteor strike. i mean different strokes for different folks if you are concerned about certain diets than don't do them .
if you are concerned ephedra kills don't do it.
i think my point is there are billions of people on the earth and at least one will die trying something everyone else has. it doesn't mean that that thing is bad or good it just means that person had a set of circumstances and it was his time to go.
now i personally did the fat fast diet for 35 days and lost a ton of fat with relatively little muscle loss . if i ever get fat again and need to jump-start a diet program you better believe a low calorie no carb diet will be somewhere in the solution for me. if its not the answer for another than so be it

thanks for my two cents


Just something I saw. I've done the fat fast before with no problem (well, relatively no problem) and I know lots of others have too, as well as going lower in the case of a psmf. OZ offered no useful info and a bit too preachy. I know people die, and this seems to be the only reported case that I could find on someone dying on such an extreme case. It was just something I saw in passing and was wondering what could lead to such an occurance. TT offered the most likely scenerio, but then again, how many people are overly obese that read this website that just want to jump into the fat fast? Plus, I don't think androgens would have prevented what happened. Oh well, just a curiosity, not a big deal.


sorry dude was just in a bad mood yesterday over something else