Over the last year I’ve been using 5 mg of Anabol (Thailandian Dbol) after heavy training sessions in the late afternoon. I have 2 “heavy” days a week and therefore only use 10 mg of Anabol a week. Sometimes I only use 5 mg a week after only 1 of my heavy training days.
I believe this use is so low level that it shouldn’t cause any short or long term health concerns; but I am not sure. Should I be concerned?
I know having a high androgen level in the evening can potentially shut down your natural testosterone production, but not with this level of use (so I believe). The purpose for taking the steroid AFTER training is the same as the purpose for someone taking Surge: blunt the effects of after training cortisol effects.
And folks, based on 20 years of natural weight training experience afterwhich I have gained naturally 80 lbs of weight (not all muscle, but I’m not fat or chubby) 5 mg of Anabol DOES effect recupe times positively (at least for me).

Because the use is only 2 days per week I think you have no problem and could do this as long as you like.

By the way, if someone were to want to use 5 mg per day EVERY day year in year out, I would expect problems from this, even though the dose is so low. That is based on results seen from long term use by women of 17-alkylated steroids at, of course, very low doses. Apparently the liver can tolerate pretty substantial doses of 17-alkylateds if there are also “off” periods, but not continuous use of even low doses.

I had read your similiar response awhile ago to another question, and noted that you indicated 5 weeks @ 50 mg/day was better for the liver than 365 days of 5 mg/day based upon that women’s study.
Any theories or hypothesis of why this would be? I will extrapolate from your comment that using 17-AA 5 weeks out of the year gives the liver 52-5=47 weeks of liver recupe. I wonder if I can apply those numbers and come up with a linear equation that will, ratio-wise, indicate how much Anabol can be used twice a week (i.e. 50 mg twice a week might present the same danger to the liver as 5 mg twice a week disregarding the additional estrogenic and HPTA effects of the higher dosage).

I really don’t know why the liver can tolerate
say 5 weeks of 17-alkylateds at moderately high dose, followed by say 10 weeks of not using them and repeated, but has trouble with nonstop use of very low dose. Maybe it is a matter of the cells being able to survive some number of weeks of the exposure, even at high dose, but even low dose will eventually kill them. Pure speculation though as to why.

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Thankyou Bill for your responses.