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Concerned with Bloodwork and Thyroid

Hey all,

So earlier this year I posted my labs back from May of this year:




A few people told me I need to get my TSH down and T3 levels up by consuming iodine - since then, I’ve been taking 25mg of Iodine daily along with selenium. My oral body temperature in the morning has also risen since then, but it still hasn’t reached 97.7 degrees F yet (it usually fluctuates between 97.2 to 97.5 degrees).

Now here’s my blood work from last week:




Here’s some major changes I’ve noticed, both good and bad:

HDL went from 51 to 67
LDL from 109 to 74
LH from 6.9 to 4.6
FSH from 3.3 to 3.1
Total test from 598 to 637
Free test from 14.9 to 13.8
TSH from 2.66 to 3.55
T3 from 2.8 to 2.6

What’s to make of all this? I’m not surprised that TSH went up, as I heard taking iodine increases TSH initially so that iodine can be shuttled into the thyroid tissue. But why would my T3 go down?

Should I continue taking iodine? Thank you.

Oh, and just to note, my DHEA levels have always been on the low side and my SHGB levels have always been on the high side.

I tried supplementing with DHEA once but it brought my E2 levels up into the 30s so I stopped…


On the surface, it looks like you are hypothyroid.

What is your age, health history, symptoms, etc.?

I felt good with my e2 is low 30s. I would definitely stop The extra iodine. Then retake labs in a few weeks

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I’m 28 years old. I’ve always been relatively healthy, but I’ve done numerous PH cycles since I was 18 years old. My last cycle was in 2016… I’m never going to take PHs again because it feels like my sex drive hasn’t been quite up to par since my last cycle (I took PCT too)

I feel pretty good right now, but I feel like my sex drive is lacking somewhat (maybe my low free testosterone explains that?). I still wake up with the occasional morning wood though. Erection quality still feels between 80 - 90%

How come my TSH levels were somewhat high before taking iodine then? Ksman and some other members on here told me to supplement with iodine… so I should stop now?

That makes sense. Not sure your symptoms are due to less than optimal thyroid performance, however. If you ever consider thyroid medication, get free T3 tested.

So even though I’m borderline hypothyroid, I should stop taking iodine?

Also, what are our thoughts on me supplementing with DHEA?

Thank you

This has been a common statement that I have seen. Pro-hormones causing people to lose libido.

Legal pro horomones are why i’m on TRT.

I cant see your labs, how high is your SHBG?

my SHBG is at 52.6 nmol/L. My SHBG has always been high for some reason… I don’t do keto, don’t drink alcohol, etc. either…

Fasting? Any meds past or present?

High SHBG is a bitch.

You can try a once a week shot can help it spill over the top and help push down the SHBG.

Dumb question, you mean a test shot?

And no, not fasting and not on any meds…

Yea, I mean if you do TRT, you would benefit from peak levels, driving down your SHBG, but its all subjective. Some people, like myself still do twice a week shots.

I have always had high SHBG. 45-50

Well I’d love to go on TRT, but how would I go about achieving this? My total test is in the 600s, so wouldn’t doctors deny me? I’m very unfamiliar with all this stuff lol

Yea sorry I couldn’t see your labs.

My TT was 400-500 and my SHBG was 60 or so when I first started TRT. My free test was like 1 point from being “low” on their chart.

You may not get insurance to cover it, but you could probably get a place like Defy to help if you are actually having symptoms.

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@systemlord @KSman

What are your guys’ thought on my thyroid dilemma? You guys previously told me to supplement with iodine, but should I stop now?

The iodine replacement is not an ongoing thing. Some believe in iodine replacement. Basically large doses like your take for a short time. The recommended amount is 150 mcg.

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Ok I will stop taking the iodine supplement. Hopefully my thyroid returns back to normal soon

I forgot to ask, would it be okay to take a 5mg DHEA supplement to address my low DHEA problem?

I’ve taken 25mg of DHEA before and it brought my total test, free test, and E2 up.