Concerned About Overtraining

I’m relatively new to lifting. As an FFB I lost about 80-90 lbs over the course of the last year and have experienced a lot of different training methods through that process (starting with just improving my general physical conditioning, moving up through resistance training etc.) For the past few weeks I’ve been lifting 4x a week doing 2 metabolic workouts, complexes and intervals among other things, and two strength workouts.

I’m mildly concerned about overtraining. I’ve been reading up on some of the symptoms and am trying to figure out if they apply to me. The most noticeable is that my sleep is greatly disturbed. I cannot fall asleep and when I do it isn’t very restful. I feel jittery, and generally run down. I have good workouts some days, but other times it’s a real struggle. I -am- making progress but I wonder if I would make better progress if I addressed this issue.

I’m asking this question now because I’m debating skipping today’s (monday) workout and giving myself two days to rest. I’m inclined to trust my instincts but it’s also hard for me to force myself to ‘skip’ my routine. Just looking for the advice of more experienced people. I work out Mon/Wed/Fri/Sunday. Yesterday (sunday) was a heavy squat/deadlift/strength type workout so I’m pretty burnt out.

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Your information isn’t specific enough, but if you are making progress (I assume progress on your lifts), I would not think you’re overtraining.

The sleep problem could be from any number of things, but can’t tell from your post.

However, your programming needs work. I don’t know why you would want to put heavy squats and deads on Sunday in a M/W/F/Su split.

“I have good workouts some days, but other times it’s a real struggle”

If you’re still having good workouts I don’t see the problem.

Overtraining is something you “build up” over a longer period of time. So I would guess that if you really were overtrained, you wouldn’t have a single proper workout?

Are you taking any stims or fat burners? When I start taking more than 1g of caffeine per day It always fucks with my sleep. Or If I take any too close to when I go to sleep. It may not be training oriented, if you’re under some stress or if something is bothering you etc. This will be something you may have to figure out on your own.