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Concerned About My Leg Workout (Enough Work)?

Currently I’m doing a 3 day split & I love it, but I’m concerned about the amount of work I do for legs.

Here’s my routine:

Mon - Chest/Biceps/Traps
Wed - Legs/Shoulders
Fri - Back/Triceps

For legs I only do Squats, SLDL’s & Calf Raises. That’s 3 exercises (3-4 sets for each), and I’m worried that it may not be enough. With so many conflicting information on the Internet it’s hard to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. Some people say that Legs need their own seperate day and you need to include more than just 3 exercises for them, but others such as Frankie NY (http://www.tinyurl.com/6g98bx) suggest only doing Squats, SLDL’s & Calf Raises. Also THIS guy (http://www.tinyurl.com/67tyw7) does what Frankie NY suggests regarding legs and judging by his avatar, he definitely seems to know what he’s doing.

I was researching some stuff earlier and somebody said to me “You do only 3 exercises for legs (which make up half of your body) but also 3 exercises for chest (even though chest is a much smaller muscle)… Can you see the problem there?” and I wasn’t sure what to make of this, because I always thought that what I was doing for legs was enough. My legs are one of my best body parts, but I can’t help but think that what I’m doing at the moment is preventing the REST of my body from growing because I’m not doing enough leg work.

I see some people with freaky leg routines consisting of around 6-9 exercise just for legs, and I think “is THIS the way to go?”. The thing is, I train at home in a Power Rack so I’m not really spoilt for choice, although I could add in Barbell/Dumbbell Lunges if necessary.

Anyway, basically I’d just like to get some piece of mind that what I’m currently doing is OK, as it’s been playing on my mind for ages now I just had to get it off my chest. Is 3 exercises (Squats/SLDL/Calf Raises) enough Leg work, or do I need to add in some more stuff?

As I said, there’s so many conflicting information floating round the Internet, I’m not sure what to believe.

Thanks a lot.

the key is progression.

are you progressing at a satisfactory rate with your leg growth/strength with this workout?

you can either:

do more work on that day if your recovery allows you

train legs more frequent

train them with a hiher intensity

If your progressing in your workout from week to week, I dont see the problem, unless you could do more without impacting your recovery for the next session

Hope thats helped

maybe do legs monday and friday and add an extra back session on wedsnesday? that way your hitting your two largest groups in your body twice a week…if you feel like your not doing enough then do more, simple.

Yes thanks, that’s a great help, much appreciated!

Im glad.

Theres been a lot of talk about low volume training lately and its something Ive been trying

for example lastnight for quads I did 2 sets of high bar close stance squats as heavy as posible and then 1 set of 20 rep hack squats

I’ll hit hamstrings in about 2 days with Romanian deadlifts and leg curls (rest paused and drop sets).

Squats, SLDL, leg curls, calf raises…