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Concerned About My Big Brother


So heres my quiery, I'm concerned about my big brother. He's is about 6'2 350ish(maybe 250ish muscle). He has dieted in the past but keeps falling off the wagon. I've wanted to get him on a modified V-Diet,like im doing. I basically have a shake for breakfast, dinner, snack before bed; and a "healthy lunch"=normally soup,salad or meat/veggies. I work with old people all the time and most of their health problems are wieght related....hence my concern. Is there a better way or ways of getting the wieght off. Maybe lowerin cals slowly?


IMO, you need to edge him in slowly. A lifestyle change is more appropriate. Changing his foods to better healthier selections rather then restricting what he is eating. If you make small healthy changes they will all ad up and he will drop weight progressively. I don't think there is a place for a restrictive diet until he has made several lifestyle changes. This will be easier for him in my experience

just an idea.


^^ this.

You put him on a V-Diet and he'll probably lose weight. Right after he gets off the diet he'll gain the wright backing he doesn't change his eating habits and isn't physically active


How'd he get fat in the first place? maybe he can do the reverse of that.

But really, since he's got around 100 lbs to lose, it's going to take a lot of commitment for a really long time. He's going to need to buy into it one million percent. How to make that happen... I dunno. That's teh hard part.

If he'd quit before due to lack of progress, then maybe something dramatic and short term like V-Diet or Rapid Fat Loss would work, just as a "kick start" so he can see progress. But if he could lose weight, but just rebound, then those probably wouldn't be appropriate at all.


It's really nice of you to be concerned and take action for him.

But lets be realistic...250lbs of muscle/lean mass? He would be competing in the IFBB at that muscularity.

Like everyone is saying though, it will take a LONG period of commitment.


Which is why I think the RFL diet is far better for someone like that; it actually enforces good eating habits right when the diet starts, rather than having someone with poor nutrition education go on a liquid go right back to how they did things before.

The V-Diet isn't bad, and it might work.

However, neither of these approaches are necessary. If someone that weight just changed their food choices, they'd probably drop weight just from that in the beginning.

Also, the guy has to really want it. My brother just dropped 40 pounds from the RFL diet, starting weight training during that, and now with a lifestyle diet with training (Starting Strength). But he was VERY sick and tired of being overweight, and this is what drove him.


thanks guys, I didn't think that the V-Diet would be appropriate in the first place(he's to big). I thought maybe a modified version would help him since its easy to follow. But the "plan of it"(V-Diet), is to correct bad eating habits, and lose weight. Atleast thats how I see it.

I lost a bunch of weight doing what ^ said and thats exactly what I did. I realized how you get fat and did the opposite. it was/is the logical way for me. He does want to lose the weight. I talked to him about my feelings on the subject and he agreed to bloodwork being done first.

And to the guy commenting about being in the IFBB. 250lbs at 10%bf is 275lbs obviously and it is a guestimate(his size). If you seen how big he actually is(muscle size) I think you would understand, but I'm not posting his pic. The guy is basically built like a power lifter; almost like he overbulked(?). I personally think dropping some body mass would not be a bad thing either, not a lot just enough to make him more agile. I meen shit if he goes from 30% to 15%, that still a lot of weight. 105lbs of excess to 50lbs of excess, he would be waaay better off.

Not sure what else to comment on, but thanks for any help provided.
also why did they change the name of the thread. I kinda liked "chunk norris", it has a good ring to it.


yeah the RFL would be good... and its not too restrictive for someone in a cat3. solid advice


How about you tell him to be an adult? Seriously, I have no sympathy for people who do harm to themselves. Very little difference between abusing drugs and abusing food.

Sorry, it's just this comes up all the time. Before you start throwing around diet this and that, talk to him about where he is in life and if he's happy being overweight. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink.


I disagree. Even drug addicts need sympathy and help.

I totally agree. At the end of the day, it has to be his decision or he'll fail. As others have stated, I think the best thing to do is slowly help him make a lifestyle change. But he's gotta want it