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Concerned About Back Problem


about 3 yrs ago i jacked up my lower back\right hip area when i landed awkwardly from a jump while playing basketball. doc never ran any tests to see what happened but guessed it was a issue with sacroiliac joint. sent me to PT, ok fine i eventually got my squat\DL numbers back up to where they were before.

However, ever since i've noticed several things that seem to be going wrong.
1) i don't think my right glute is firing like it should. it feels like the hamstring is taking all of the punishment (it gets real sore while im lifting, almost like a tearing sensation, while the left leg seems to distribute the load better)
2) the muscle in my upper back that runs along my spine is tighter than shit, all the time.
3) My left VMO is significantly more developed than my right, and my strength and balance in unilateral movements is much better on my left side.
4) i've developed tendonitis in my right knee that i cannot see to get rid of no matter how long of a break i take in activity
5) in a couple pics i've take of myself since, i noticed my spine seems to have a weird curvature to it. (ignore the hanes peeking out and the gaudy shimmer shorts)

anyone have a similar injury\experience? any recommendations?


no idea about the injury but, the left vmo being bigger probably has something to do with the way you jump.. im a left-right planter when jumping and my left vmo has always been bigger, 0.5" bigger most all of the time.. interestingly, my right thigh is always 0.5" bigger than my left.. has everything to do with the plant into the jump.

as for the back, awkward landings could have injured anything.. ive had something similar that has become a chronic issue - my left QL went apeshit.. a QL strain can easily become chronic.. trigger point eventually helped it alot, and now i just have to do some weird stretch to cause it to relax.. its been chronic for over 4 years now, coming and going, but its mostly under control with trigger point/stretching.

the left hamstring + right knee tendonitis could definitely be linked to the back injury.

definitely a little curve deviation going on in the spine too.. sux.



Thanks for the reply adarqui.

Yea I always plant with my left foot when I jump. So that could explain the difference in VMO. I would try to roll\stretch whatever is causing me pain, but it's so deep in the hip I don't even know how I would do that?

What really prompted me to ask was seeing the back pic I took and how exaggerated the curve in my spine is. I didn't know if that was a normal thing or what?


spine definitely has a slight deviation.. as for how serious it is you would have to see someone about it.. but i doubt it's anything.

i'd need to take a vid or something of the stretch i do.. i basically stand up, cross my left leg (left side of back is hurting) over my right knee, then lean forward and squat down at the same time.. i get a bunch of crazy pops and it feels much better..

try at your own risk haha.. no idea if that would help at all though.

for trigger point, a baseball will work.. just have to put all your weight in it and find the spots.


quadratus lumborum trigger points

see if that helps you.. seems to be a very common problem.