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Ok now this might be a stupid question but i was thinking about going on some of your anobolics but i have been told that these will shrink your penis is this true because i mean i would like to see my gains faster but not at the expence of other things anyways


I don’t know. Ask simon from the T/N forum.

“Yes It is true your honor, this man has no dick.” - Bill Murray “Ghost Busters”

You gotta be friggin kiddin me?

You have no business using steroids.

Dude, I love that line. Almost as good as “Who does your taxes?”-Rick Moranis

Ok Daniel, hopefully you get this before your computer catches fire from all the flames. Most won’t take the time to acknowledge this(and rightfully so as this seems to be one of those “will protein hurt my kidney’s” questions). First off, you’re new to training(?) and this forum, or else you’d know just how laughable this question is. I heard the same thing when I first started lifting, from a guy juiced to the gills no less. Now,the testicles MAY shrink(depending on type,duration,and dosage of the anabolic), but that’s because the high amounts of circulating androgens tell your body to stop producing it’s own TESTOSTERONE, hench they shut down.
Now, to me it’s obvious you have A LOT to learn and no right using anabolics. People on this forum who do use, make an informed decision, knowing all they can, and usually have many years of training behind them(the smart ones at least, rainbow,tren freak). They are very willing to help, but only if you’re willing to help yourself. You got a couple months reading before you’re “worthy” of a response from them. You see, it’s people like you( not you specifically, but guys who don’t know and use anyway)that make the headlines and give anabolics a bad name. The only ones who suffer from this are the ones that train,eat and use smart. As for " i would like to see my gains faster but not at the expence of other things ", you can’t get something for nothing. Every positive has a negative, and it’s the application of knowledge that will keep the negatives to a minimum.

That movie is a Classic!! There are enough one-liners to cover 18 holes of golf with four of your most adolescent friends.

Yes i do think that this is a really stupid question why don’t you go back to reading flex you idiot oh and bytheway you really have more important things to worry about in your life than taking anabolics like learning to punctuate your sentences i mean really you sound like someone who is in the fourth grade in zaire or something getafrickinclue.