Concern About Proportion

Good evening everyone:

I have a question. I’m very new to the game, only about 6 weeks in. Before I worked out my pecs were disproportional (my left one being larger then my right now. Now 6 weeks into working out they only seem to be getting more disproportional. I make sure to only use barbells for my presses (incline/flat/decline). Will they slowly even out after while or should I start adding more weight on the weaker side? Do some extra reps with it? Help!

Thanks in advance.

If you are a skinny bitch then just keep going, you are too skinny to worry about proportion. Come back after 2 years of solid effort.

If you are not a skinny bitch, it is possible you may have some sort of structural imbalance, however I doubt it. Why don’t you post a pic of your disproportionate pecs.

Or you could describe the size of them to us.

Oh yeah and finally some valuable advice. Dumbbells exist too.

Sorry, I meant I use only dumbells for my chest presses. Thanks for the advice, I was assuming it would just even out after while.

I’ve never had much of a problem with proportion, but here’s the advice I’ve seen given out around here in the past:

Using dumbbells work your weaker side first. Then don’t do anymore reps with your stronger side than you could do with your weaker side. Rinse, repeat until your weaker side catches up.