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Concering Walking Lunges in Meltdown Training

When the brilliant Don Alessi prescribed ten rep for Walking Lunges, would that be 5 reps for each leg (a total of 10 reps) or 10 reps for each leg (a total of 20 reps)? Also, I cannot do 3 sets of 10 chin-ups nor 3 sets of 10 dips, especially when done in a circuit manner. Can anyone recommend good alternatives for the chin-ups and the dips? Thank you.

You should do 10 reps for each leg on the lunges. As for chins and dips, I would not substitute another exercise for them if you cannot make the reps…as long as you can get 5-6 reps, I think you’ll get the effect. If you cannot do 5-6 reps, then you’ll need to do pulldowns for chins, and I would recommend decline-closegrip benches in place of dips. Poliquin uses the decline-closegrip benches for people who cannot do dips correctly.

I am currently doing melt-down and do 10 reps per leg for the dumbell lunges. As far as your problems with the dips and pull-ups, do as many as you can and focus on the slow concentric, you will progressively get stronger as the workouts go on and you do pull-ups more.