Concept2 rower

Anybody got one? Looks like a good way to get some aerobics in with a strength training component added. Also seems you could use it for interval training. Any coaches use them?
I have one on order, and would appreciate feedback.

Frank Zane has and uses one. He recommends using them on upper body days to flush out waste products and cut that extra bit on intramuscular fat. Check out his website. I have used them in the pasted with great results, my current gym does not have one and I don’t have room at home. :frowning:

They are the best rower you can get. Well constructed. I hope you ordered it direct from the manufacturer, it will save you about $150 going direct.

I used to row & Concept 2 makes the ONLY quality ergometers. I haven’t heard of any indoor race being held on any other machines. I’ve got some good (ie evil) workouts if you want them.

I’ve used them at a couple clubs, and liked them a lot. I did an indoor triathlon where the first leg was a rowing ergometer test. Good machines. Far better than any of the shock-absorber types. If you can swing it, get the adapter for putting the info (and for race simulation) on the computer screen.

Drax, I’d love to see what workouts you have cooked up. Puking is involved, correct? lol

Hell yes! 1. 6 x 2:30, rate 34-38. 2 1/2 minutes isn’t long enough to coast, but not short enough to go all out. 2. 10x1:30 @32-34 strokes/minute with 0:30 between each one. Rest 5:00 & do the whole thing again. 3. Figure out how far you can go in 20:00 & find out what split you averaged (go all out!). Use that for the next session. Do 10:00 at 20:00 pace minus 5sec, 10min @ 20:00pace minus 4sec, 10min @ 20:00pace minus 3sec. Take 5 minutes rest between each piece. 4. Figure out your 2000m pace. Do 8x 1:00 at that pace with 0:20 between each one. 5. Do 8x 0:45 faster than yer 2000m pace with 0:15 rest between each. In Canada there is a series of intensity ratings. Those are all in category 3 or 2 (one is most intense, with all the pieces taking 20sec or less, which makes nobody tired). I did all of those at some point (in different years), in preparation for the annual 2000m indoor race. I’ve done breathing squats & 2000m tests & I have to say that an all out 2000m race feels WAY worse. X-(

I’ve got one in the lab. It’s great, esp if you get the computer interface. You can race against computer pacers and monitor your splits well.

Depending on your goals, you can get alot of great workouts in. If you want anaerobic power do 30on 90off or 60on 120-180off. If you want aerobic power try to row 500m at 1:45 and then take 2-3 min off. If aerobic capacity, longer duration is waranted.

Thanks all for input. Once I am familiar with the machine, I will try one of Drax’s w/outs. I will post feedback on amount of puke, macronutrient ratio, etc. Seriously, I am interested in using this as a major adjunct to my existing training program. I beleive I will have to cut back on legs / back/ rear delts to avoid overtraining of these m groups.