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Concept2 rower -- review

A while back I asked for feedback on this device and the response was all positive. I have had mine now for a few weeks and I want to reccommend it to everyone. I bought this instead of the NYBB hipsled, and I think I made the right call. It works great for warmup, HIT interval training, AM cardio, hits the usually neglected posterior deltoids, and is a great finisher after a weight training workout. Highly reccommended, esp for those of us who find running unsuitable. Plus, C2 gives you a month to make up your mind. Just did chest, followed by a 4000 meter row and it feels terrific.

I sometimes use the C2 as either a warmup or a cool down. it is a great full body work out. I was just curious what your pace is, (spm) and how long it takes you to do your 4000m piece. I am going to start urging in the morning a few days a week instead of riding the stationary bike.