concept 2/Spinbike replacement

I’ll soon be opening a small (but intense) personal training studio. I need 1 or 2 no-impact cardio pieces, and would really like a Concept 2 rower, and a bike similar to the flywheel models used in SPinning classes. But Concept 2’s seem to retail for over $500, and I’m on a budget. I’ve also noticed that there are a growing number of Spin-bike clones, with no flywheel. I’m not married to the idea of a flywheel, as it seems that this can “overspin” weaker cyclists. Anyone know a reasonable brand of training bike like this?
I’m still grateful to whoever on this board wrote about New York Barbell, which is where I got much of my weight equipment. Yes, they will do custom orders.

best price you can get on a new concept 2 is 795.00.

That is the factory direct price from

I’ve been looking for months for a used one in the 500 range and haven’t found one yet.

Concept 2s are commercial quality and priced accordingly. I have one that is over 14 years old and still works and looks great. A spinning bike will nto last that long.

Get the concept2