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Concentric Speed

The techniques for squatting that Dave Tate prescribes are quite beneficial. Last evening I attempted the dynamic squat routine; and to be honest, I discovered the biggest flaw in my strength: lack of explosiveness in the posterior chain. My hamstrings and glutes have always been well developed, but I apparently lack power through them. I suggest following Dave Tate’s routines for any young athlete. As a linebacker, I had decent speed (4.85 forty), good agility (4.29 Nebraska agility run), and good size and strength(6’1", 235 lbs); but the missing component was an expolosive first step. Combine a poor first step with a continuously numb left shoulder in my senior year and the product is no scholarship and no preferential walk-on invitation (I attend a Big Ten school and had no intention of hanging on at a smaller school.) Well, I simply want to thank Dave Tate for the routine and offer support for any young athlete considering to attempt it. Gaining speed through the concentric phase of the lift should prove valuable in my strength pursuits. Thanks, Michael S.

I cant remember where I read it T-Mag? maybie, but the first explosive step is more quad related where as top speed is more hamstring. Food for thought if youre weakness is the first step. Also consider reaction drills…

Its not always as simple as which leg muscle group is stronger. I have stronger quads than hams yet my start in the 40 is much worse than my finish. Having a correct base and technique counts alot for the start.