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Concentric-Only Training?


Just had a novel idea for a program, centred around bench and deadlifting. I was thinking each day would consist of a 10 set pyramid of maybe 3 reps on both exercises. The weird part would be that the exercises would be performed concentric-only.

So bench would be off pins and then racked, and deadlifts would just be dropped. The idea behind the concentric-only thing is that you could handle more frequency per week. Just looking for opinions as to why this would or would not be effective? I know there's no loading scheme or anything, but I'm just curious if the principle is way off or anything.


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I wouldn't say it's way off, CT is a good proponent of doing eccentric-less training when possible.

I don't know if you'd want to do an entirely eccentric-less program. Infact I don't think you could do it without help from others.

Eccentric-less has it's place for sure.


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I think deadlifts should always be concentric only. IMO.


just some thoughts...

-biggest damage to muscle fibers (ipertrofia/iperplasia) happens during eccentric phase of excercises,this is a fact scientifically acclared,so why THE HELL dropping the eccentrics????
to growth less????

-even if you train same muscles to failure (concentric) aka rest pause or drop sets or partial reps you should be able to hit it 2xweek,even with an active job (53hs x week) just if you eat real,whole,genuine food,no supplements (natural or chemical).

if you think that on T-Nation there are pretty big people that hit the muscle group 1xweek why to train with more frequency? this is out of my mind,really.

btw,and for spirit of iron brotherhood, good luck with your training protocol,let us know the results,pls...


If you dont want to do eccentrics then you might as well become an oly lifter, hippie.


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while the douchebaggy crossfit style "let go of the bar after lockout and make a bunch of noise when it hits the ground" is not needed, the deadlift IMO should always be concentric only as reversal strength is useless in deadlifting. both from powerlifting and bodybuilding point of view.


To be fair, he may just trying to follow the advice of the MOST published person on this site. Thibadeaus training and writing the last year or two has been almost solely based around concentric only training. The entire I, BodyBuilder program is based off of high frequency, concentric only training.

That example is retarded however. What are you going to do, press it up, rack it, stand up, get in the spotter position, lower it, go back down to the bench and do that three times. There is no reason fro this, just dont try and slow the eccentric. If you cant make some noise with the bar on the pins, put the squat pads on either side for cushion.


Plenty of people here workout with higher than 1x a week frequency.



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I'm crazy enough to try everything once. I've tried everything from 4 to 20 sets per week on each muscle group.

On the surface, this idea strikes me as a really unbalanced way to train. Not to mention, time-inefficient since you basically have to rep twice to do the same work as someone who is doing 1 "normal" rep. Who's got that kind of time?