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Concentric-Only Push/Pull Machine?

I am wondering if CT has heard about this machine before? www.fastexercise.com/media/icorptv.asp

It’s this ridiculously priced $15k behemoth so apparently not many people have bought it. I think they exaggerate claims like “replaces a full gym”. The major design flaw in it, besides the rather fixed motion (no options for varying angles or emphasizing certain muscle groups) is that the resistance increases proportionate to the person. This means it would have the same flaw as the whole “self-resistance” movement in that there’s a lack of feedback as to what is exerted. Weight machines give that feedback since we know how much we’re moving, that’s why I’d never give up on it.

That said though, it’s a neat-looking machine and much like the Bowflex, I don’t want to write off a machine just because it’s not something I plan to buy. Your write-ups about doing supplemental endurance/fatigue work using primarily concentric motions made me remember this thing.

I can’t say for the leg portion where you stand on the back (I’m confused how it works) but from what I can tell it seems like there’s not an eccentric portion for the upper body cardio. Apparently you just keep pulling until you reach a certain point, and then keep pushing until you reach a certain point.

The machine looks like it has flaws like a lack of adjustibility (you’d think that these points would need to be set at different distances based on variations in limb length, height, flexibility, etc) and clearly it lacks the whole body stability component involving the legs as sled dragging or hill sprints does, but in terms of sort of a focus exercise (like lying concentric sleg drags with 1 arm for example) it looks like it might fit that bill.

So this isn’t a plug or anything but, would something like this, much like cycling (which seems to also lack eccentric while limiting one’s leg motion to a rather fixed range) fit the whole eccentricless workout design?

It seems to focus on the whole HIT idea. I’m not sure where they got 4 minutes from to be honest since I don’t see why we couldn’t also go for longer. Apparently featured on shows like The Doctors: http://www.quickgym.com/quickgym-rom-media.html and Tom Cruise has one.