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Concentration in School Gym :\


Ok, so this morning in second period I had my regular 30 minute weight lifting class. It also just so happened that today was week 2 of ABBH, so I was doing the set/rep scheme of 10x4 for bench and row, although I forgot to do rows today. Anyhoo, I set myself up with 200 lbs and did the first 5 sets, albeit a little sluggishly, with the 4 reps complete. However, in the last 5 sets I could only get 4 reps in two of them and that was due to my lack of focus. Whenever, I workout in the school gym, the kids laughing and joking with one another and my friends being assholes and fucking with me while I lift make me lose my concentration. I guess I just need to vent but goddammit I need to find a better way to do this shit. Anyone have similar problems or suggestions?


Deadlift your friends.

Even better, Clean and Jerk em (not the opposite..)

Or you can just do the same thing when they lift, start pushing the bar while they are lifting.

Oh and for the last one, its called tea bag press.
Tea bag your friends while they are performing bench press, that really helps cranking up the reps since you get so pissed off of having your friends balls in the face and you basically just feels like dropping the weight and punching them.

Not to take too seriously..


tell em to stop fuckin with you while you lift, that you'll shoot the shit with them after you workout, but right now you are working out.


Why isn't the teacher doing his/her job by controling the class? Try approaching the teacher about your problem seeing as how it's their problem too.



Just have fun. You'll miss it when you're in your late 20s, working out alone and so serious in the gym.

Have fun and enjoy yourself, and maybe put out the old "shut up and help me lift guys!" and see if you can get some team spirit happening.

Lead by example and you might be able to turn a few into good lifting partners, which are always good to have.


Great suggestions above but also this aint a perfect world. You need to learn to block outside distractions OUT and focus on the task at hand. Any sport etc.. you would have to do that. Think Crowds yelling etc. Just block them out and lift.


I use to work out in the school gym and also had the same problem. It was a shitty atmosphere that lacked intensity. I stopped going to the school gym and found a differnt place. I like it A lot better since most of the people are much more serious plus I find I'am more motivated because of all the guys around you that are stronger/bigger then you.


You need to be able to learn to lift no matter what the distractions. Its a mental skill. WHen you get under the bar, let there be nothing else in your mind.


bring your cd player thats what i do if i have to work out at school.




i train in a school gym too, and i have for almost 3 years. they will never stop distracting you, you just gotta get used to it.

maybe i can cheer you up with some stories of things people have done to me while i was lifting in our gym.

-dropped a set of squats on the pins because there was 2 guys going "lower....lower....lower....UP!!" as i squatted, breaking my concentration

-more times than i can count ive had some kid come running up and stomp on the area just below my groin on the bench as i was benching. that one is fucking classic, spread like wildfire the first time someone did it

-and of course the countless "youre gonna fuck up your back"'s


Believe me, I would if it wasn't against the rules. When the stereo system in there used to work I used to play all my pump-up music, but it busted. So now I'm stuck.


what i would do is talk to the teacher and tell them how you take lifting seriously and theres alot of distractions and that you need your cd player to be able to concentrate to block out the distractions. its possible theyd understand if there a nice teacher