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Concentrating on Bringing Up My Legs

Hi I am a 22 year old male. I live in scotland and I recieved a kilt for my 21st birthday. I still to this day have not wore it as my legs are so puney and skinny. I would love it if someone could help me understand what to do and how to get the body I have always dreamed of.

I would like to know what excercises to do and how many times a week, how many reps basically as much info as possible.

I want to concentrate on my legs but i would also love to recieve information on upper body as well.

I look forward to youir replies.

I would also like info on stuff like meal times and what supplements to use.

Many thanks Gav

PS I want to get as big as possible as quick as possible.haha

start by reading some of the nutrition articles on here (Berardi in particular).

do you have access to a gym?
have you lifted before?

might want to check out the beginner’s forum



Alternate these two programs once you know your way around the gym. (I say that because I don’t know your experience level).

The 2nd one has a decent diet plan to gain weight.

And before anyone else says it “Squats and Milk”!