Concentrate vs. Isolate PWO

What’s the difference between taking the 2 types of whey (concentrate or isolate)? What are pro’s and con’s for each?

A guy from a supplement store said that taking any protein less that pure isolate is useless right after a workout because it doesn’t absorb anywhere fast enough. Is this true? I can’t find the answer and I need help. Thanks guys.

It really makes no difference. Ideally, you’d use all isolate because it absorbs at about a 90% rate compared to 75% for concentrate. However, pure isolate is damn expensive. He’s just trying to make a bigger sale is all.

I could search out a Dave Barr article for you that actually talked about protein absorption times of Isolate vs Hydro whey, but since I’m sure you can use the search, why not read through all his articles.

I think it was Dave Barr who wrote that…

Most whey concentrate products are 70-80% protein and therefore contain a small amount of carbs and fats, although whey proteins are generally quicker to digest, concentrate is the slowest of those available.

Whey isolate is generally more then 90% protein and digests slighty faster than concentrate.

Whey protein hydrolysate is the fastest digesting protein available and is the best for use after post workouts.