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So I’ve been wondering for the last week or so whether I should start here a log and decided what the heck! So… Here we go.

A little bit about myself:
17yo, will turn 18 on June.
Weighs 75 kg (165 lbs).
At a height of 185 cm (6’1~)
I’ll enlist in July but the date will probably change.

The boring stuff- My physical journey started way back when I was a little child. I grew up doing a lot of push ups and running, later on (probably when I was 8 yo) I started doing some pull up, light DB curl which almost everybody hold somewhere in his house and swimming while doing some martial arts over the years. At age of 13 I started ‘training’ in the gym. That year I wasn’t consistent at all, I came a couple times a month training especially machines and very little if any compound free weights basic exercises. At age of 14 I started learning a few things about training and nutrition (to gain muscle, I always ate good foods-a lot of fruits and veggies and some clean carbs and protein like chicken, biff, potato, yams etc) but still I wasn’t very consistent. At age of 15 I started hitting the gym more seriously learning and doing a lot of form work on the basic moves-squat, deadlift, bench, military, BOR and even some cleans if I’m not mistaken. A few months ago I set a few PRs-160 kg (352 lbs) deadlift, 120 kg (265 lbs) squat, 100 kg (220 lbs) for bench and front squat, 50 kg (110 lbs) military press and 80 kg (176 lbs) clean which I probably could’ve cleaned more but was afraid of my form. I set those pretty much at the same BW, maybe 1lbs lighter. Yet, Over the years I wasn’t very consistent and dedicated for very long and I hope this log could change this and me.

3 weeks ago I came back to the gym after a layoff of 2-2.5 months of more concentration on endurance and military specific work which I’ve been practicing with a group of people under a former special forces soldier and instructor. I had some stress fracture which set me back a bit but now it’s a lot better since I started supplementing with fish-oil and calcium,magnesium & vitamin d3 and started working on my calves (gastroc and tibia).

My training consist the sessions with the pre-military training group I mentioned, weight training (I’ve finde it better myself and helpful even though it’s not that important for a soldier), bw muscle endurance work and cardiovascular work (mainly running and swimming) in addition to the running in the pre-military training group sessions. Right now my goal is simply to get better, to get stronger and I am willing to optimize my body composition.Yet, gaining weight isn’t my main concern but I’ll welcome any lean body mass! Tips on nutrition are more than welcomed as well. I’m thinking about adding a control day once a week and see where I goes from there.
That’s long enough…

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu.

By the way, I’ll be glad if some of you who will notice some grammar mistakes of mine through the journey could correct me. We are speaking at our house some English, both my parents speak well (especially my father, he is from KC) but it’s not our first language.

Sun,February 20th, 2015
"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home." Matsuo Basho

Work For Today
Strength-After building up the weights and warming up did rounds of

  • Deadlift 1/125kg 5X5/115
  • Dips 1/+17.5kg 5X5/+15 on final set did 8 paused reps with bw
  • Pull-up on rotating handles 2/+10kg 5X5/+7.5kg on final set did 5 negatives with 10kg

BW Work-Rounds of

  • Inverted Row 15,20,20,15
  • Close Push-up 25,20,15,12
  • BB Backward lunges 2X12 in rack position, 2X10 in back position /30kg

Some fun work-Rounds of

  • Lateral Raises 12,10,10+2 10sec rest paused/8kg
  • DB Hammer Curl 10,6,6/16kg
  • Pullover 15,12,12,15/26kg


  • Workout went well but longer than expected, took exactly 90 min, usually it takes 60-75 min. I slowed the deadlift a bit too much in order to concentrate on form. I tried to get the hang of inverted rows and backward lunges, it’s the first time I’m doing those.
  • The weight on the strength portion wasn’t feeling really heavy yet it was hard because of the focus I put on the form this few weeks of getting back to the groove.
  • The lunges felt odd for high reps, I’m still figuring out some squat variation for endurance. I guess I’ll stick to traditional BB and BW squats for high reps. Any thoughts?
  • I want to clear that I’m not resting a lot between rounds and not at all between exercises. A sip of water, writing what I did and back to work.
  • I rode on my bike to the gym, I feel it warms me up and loosen my hips and knees a bit.

Nutrition of today:
Meal 1: 3 scrambles eggs(with the yolk) in butter, 250ml of whole milk, 1tbsp of peanut butter, 50gr Cheerios (yep…) and some more milk- 150ml. (200ml is a cup). Finished with a cup of tea. 2 capsule of Fish oil and 1 capsule of calcium,magnesium &D3.

Meal 2: 270gr rice, 170gr chicken breast and some veggies (yellow beans and whole humus) till full. 2 capsule of Fish oil and 1 capsule of calcium,magnesium &D3.
30 min later
Meal 3: 1 pitta, 170gr chicken breast and some veggies till full.

Meal 4: 170gr chicken breast, 4 slices of some good barley bread, some veggies. Some pb and milk. 2 capsule of Fish oil and 1 capsule of calcium,magnesium &D3.

Snacks: 1 persimmon, I don’t think I had another snack…

  • It’s the first time I structure most of the carbs around the workout. Usually I’m hungry most of the day but I’m tired of stuffing my face all day long. Today I was far more satisfied. I think I’ll stick for this kind of routine.

On my way back from the gym I ran into an old friend of mine which I haven’t seen in years. We talked right away just like the old days, so fluently. That was awesome!

I’m glad to see you started this brother, I will be following your progress

[quote]Alpha wrote:
I’m glad to see you started this brother, I will be following your progress[/quote]
Thanks man, I appreciate the support!
I’m really glad I made this choice.

Mon, February 23th, 2015

Hey Guys,
I had to go through something in regard to my enlistment this morning, some forms they wanted me to fill and it took 4 and a half hours and I didn’t get much time to eat or drink anything and the dude who sat in front of me was sick. I’m feeling very weak, I think I caught something… Felt too weak to do anything today, maybe I’ll do some core and calves work at home to keep me alive. We’ll see how it goes later on during the day.

"3 weeks ago I came back to the gym after a layoff of 2-2.5 months of more concentration on endurance and military specific work which I’ve been practicing with a group of people under a former special forces soldier and instructor. I had some stress fracture which set me back a bit but now it’s a lot better since I started supplementing with fish-oil and calcium,magnesium

[quote]Davinci.v2 wrote:
"3 weeks ago I came back to the gym after a layoff of 2-2.5 months of more concentration on endurance and military specific work which I’ve been practicing with a group of people under a former special forces soldier and instructor. I had some stress fracture which set me back a bit but now it’s a lot better since I started supplementing with fish-oil and calcium,magnesium [/quote]
I’m not quite sure what’s your point but yes, the stress fracture was a result of a lot of running with high intensity training with that group but as stated I’m a lot better now!

Solid lifts for your age. Do you have any targets for your main lifts in the coming months?

[quote]Ironwarrior25 wrote:
Solid lifts for your age. Do you have any targets for your main lifts in the coming months?[/quote]
Thanks man but I really don’t think I’m strong enough.
Right now it would be awesome to rep my old military, squat and deadlift PRs for a couple of reps in my fashion of work (giant sets with minimal to no rest). Right now my progress is a bit slow but like it better that way. You’ll see how I progress in the next few workouts.

Fuel for today:
Meal 1: 3 egg scrambled, tons of veggies, 1 cup of milk, 1 spoon of pb, 2 fish-oil caps, 1 calcium,magnesium & D3.

Mid day snacks:
3 min break snack: sandwich with veggies, eggplant salad and 1/2 chicken breast, I guess around 50-60gr.
On my way home I ate another chicken breast and eggplant sandwich and pb&j sandwich.
When got home I felt really weak so I carbed up with another pb&j and some chocolate bar (I think it’s called KitKat) and some Milky. Most of you probably have no idea what Milki is so Milki is a dairy pudding with chocolate pudding on the bottom and whipped cream on the top. 2 fish-oil caps, 1 calcium,magnesium & D3.

-I fell asleep like a little kid and woke up after 2.5 hours with some fever-

Meal 2, about 7pm: 2 Cheese sandwiches (around 100gr of yellow cheese) with alot of veggies.

Meal 3: 1 flounder, ~100gr chicken breast and veggies again. 2 fish-oil caps, 1 calcium,magnesium & D3.


  • I didn’t felt like cooking a lot or waiting for some better food to be done today so sandwiches were great and fast to make. Just wanted to get some calories in me.
  • One of my wisdom teeth is bulging which isn’t helping me. I’ll get it uprooted on Wednesday. I’m not sure how it’ll affect my nutrition for the next few days.

The rest of my post didnt upload for some reason. The rest of it included the importance of taking vitamin k2 with d3 in your situation particularly. Do a quick google search of vitamin k2.

[quote]Davinci.v2 wrote:
The rest of my post didnt upload for some reason. The rest of it included the importance of taking vitamin k2 with d3 in your situation particularly. Do a quick google search of vitamin k2.[/quote]
Just did! Thanks for the info, I should have asked about it right when it started.

A quick update:
Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Training for today- Workout with the pre-military training group:
We started the workout with 70 burpees, I finished it pretty fast. Then we sprinted for 20 meters and did 20 burpees. Afterward we ran 4 km with 4 drills (after every 1 km we had a drill). On the first drill we all were in plank position and each one of us had to crawl beneath everybody. My pants fell down while I crawled, it fell down (more so dragged) to knees level. On the second drill each of us had to carry someone in fireman’s fashion ( placing the carried person across the shoulders of the carrier) in turns and while someone carried as fast as possible (I sprinted, man the shoulders and back burned so much from keeping him tight to me so he won’t bounce on my back and crash his nuts all over me haha) while the others did knees to chest burpees (we are like 20 people and each of us carried and got carried once). On the third drill we needed to act as fast as possible to the instructor orders-jump, fall or sprint.
The fourth drill was more of a stretching and relaxation-he did some guided imagery and that finished the workout.

Fuel for today:
Meal 1: 3 scrambled eggs, 1 pita (fresh from the bakery), normal supps and vitamins,1 cup of milk and persimmon.

Meal 2: 135gr chicken breast, 300gr rice, veggies, normal supps and vitamins.

Meal 3 at friend’s house: 1 plate of spaghetti bolognese, 2 slices of bread with butter and fruit jam.

-Kosher Kravi workout-

Meal 4: 100gr Chicken breast, 1 glass of milk, ton of veggies, normal supps and vitamins.

“Don’t watch the clock, do what it does-Keep going.” Sam Levenson

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Work for today:
Strength- After ramping up did rounds of
-Squat 6,5,6,6,6/90kg 1 paused rep to make up for the rep I didn’t do
-Military Press 5,5,3,3,3/40 kg 5 reps, took 2-3 breathes and did another 2 to make up the missing reps and adding volume
-T BOR 5X5/50

BW Work- rounds of
-Ring Dips 4X5
-Russian Leg curl Negatives-10,8 with hand assistance 12,12
-Wide Pull-up 8,8,8,5


  • It was an early morning season because I got one of my wisdom teeth uprooted and the time to workout today was limited. I’m not used to workout in the morning but it’s fun! It took more time to warm-up though.
  • I had some elbow-bicep pain after the squat which affected the military press. I need to check what’s up with that and what’s causing this.
  • The whole workout took me 1 hour which is great but I had to cut the bodybuilding work to get to the dentist at time.

I’ll upload later the very little food I’m eating painfully.

So I’m having some trouble eating a whole lot:
Wednesday, February 25th, 2015-Fuel For Today

Meal 1: 1 pitta bread, Cottage cheese-I guess 100gr, milk, veggies and coffee. Also the normal vitamins and sups.


Meal 2: 100gr chicken breast and veggies.

  • Went to uproot my wisdom tooth-

Meal 3 - 2 hours later: 300gr vanilla ice cream, 150gr 6.5% yogurt.

Meal 4: 250gr (1 container) cottage cheese, 200gr 6.5% yogurt and normal vitamins and sups.

Thursday, February 27th, 2015

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

Work For today: Pre-military training group workout

We checked today our max rep pullup and dips and our 3km run. He wanted everybody to pull their chins over the bar without considering each built and leverages which was kinda sucks because my arms are long as fuck and even when my scapula totally retracted my chin don’t clear the bar. I managed to get 12 reps and finished because his requisition. I did 25 dips. I expected to be stronger even when I’m so weak because of the uproot and the NSAIDs I took before the workout. The medicine dried my throat and mouth so much that I wasn’t able to speak and breathe right so he cut me some slack and told me not to run.

Nutrition for Today:

Meal 1: 1 container of cottage cheese (250gr), 300ml/gr of milk, 2 fish oil cups and 1 calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3. --At this point my gum started to bleed where the tooth was missing because I changed the bandage–.

Meal 2: 1 container of cottage cheese, 200gr yogurt 6.5%, vanilla ice cream (around 300gr), 2 fish oil cups and 1 calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3.


Meal 3: 200gr cottage cheese, 2 cucumbers, 100gr of vanilla ice cream.

Meal 4: 70gr chicken breast, 3 eggs omelet, red pepper 2 fish oil cups and 1 calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3.

â?¢ It took all the morning for the bleeding to stop so I couldn’t eat during that time or atleast I didn’t wanted to.
â?¢ It’s getting better so I decided how it goes with some solid food. It’s alright as long as I’m not eating in my right side.

Friday, February 27th, 2015

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.” Thomas Jefferson

Work For Today:
AM- Workout with Pre-Military training group:
We started the workout with 20 burpees if I’m not mistaken, then we moved to a circuit of 1 minute per station. I started with sandbag row, my 2nd station was push-ups (1 diamond, 1 shoulder width, 1 wide, 1 shoulder width and 1 diamond). My 3d was sandbag squat to front raise and the 4th was pullup. We had to do 2 rounds with running 0.5km at certain time, after the 1st round 1:15 (min:sec) and after the 2nd 1:10. After finishing that we moved on to 7 minutes of ab work-1min crunches, 2 min side crunches (1 per side), 1 min penguin crunches (or however it names), 1 min flutter kicks, 1 min of bicycle and 1+ min of plank. We made the plank to a competition, the winner could hold himself for near 8 minutes. After the ab work as a punish for everyone who put his legs down during the flutter kick or the bicycle we had to do 20 burpees, we did 40. To finish off the workout we drank 1 liter of water and then did 20 burpees, some puked the whole water. I felt my belly fill up like a balloon which about to blow up.

PM- Gym workout
Strength: rounds of

  • Deadlift 1/120 5X6/115kg
  • Dips 1/+17.5 5X6/+15kg
  • Pullup on thick bars 2X1/+10kg, 1/+12.5kg 5X5/+7.5kg

BW Work+Conditioning- Rounds of

  • Front Squat 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1/50kg
  • Inverted Row 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2
  • Decline Push-up 2,4,6,8,10,8,6,4,2

BB Accessory-Rounds of

  • Lateral Raises 3X12/8kg
  • Hummer Curl 70,7,6/16kg
  • Decline Deadstop Pullover 15,12,10/26kg


  • The strength portion went great, Same for BW-conditioning work.
  • I noticed when deadlifting with high volume the first and last rep are the hardest. Once you pull and get into the groove it’s great. The last rep of the 5th set was tough and the form brokedown a little, could be better.
  • I went light on the front squat, It’s the first time I’m front squatting in this manner (conditioning, pyramid sat).

Fuel For Today:
Meal 1: 150gr cottage cheese, 1 pita bread,300ml milk, 2 fish oil cups, 1 calcium, magnesium & d3.

-AM workout-
Snack: Chocolate Candy bar.

Meal 2: 130gr chicken breast. 50gr olives, 250ml milk

Meal 3: 3 scrambled eggs, 260gr 6.5% yogurt, 1 spoon pb, 2 fish oil cups, 1 calcium, magnesium & d3.

-PM work-

Meal 4: 300gr rice, 100gr chicken breast, tons of broccoli. 15min later-200gr 6.5% yogurt, 2 fish oil cups, 1 calcium, magnesium & d3.

Man I’m exhausted.

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

“Rest and be thankful” William Wordsworth

Work for Today- It’s a rest day so all I did was a few sets of perfect pullup (pulling myself so my chin would pass the bar, squeeze at peak contraction and controlling the eccentric). 5 sets: 5,4,3,2,2

Did some grappling and shadow boxing for 30min in the evening.

I beat up my body the last few days after the uproot so I’ll rest and eat a bit more.

So I wasn’t around much this week. I took a few days off the gym because I felt a bit sick and weak. So I’ll start from Tuesday:

Tuesday, February 3d, 2015

Workout with the Pre-Military Training group:
We did burpees for about 30 minutes, I think overall we did 140-160 burpees.
After that we did for 15 minutes sandbag squat and for another 15 minutes went up and down a few bug stairs with the sandbag on our back.
Basicly it was kinda of a light leg workout.

Wed, February 4d, 2015

Took a buddy with me to the gym to get him back to training so I slowed my pace to help him with the technique. He did what I did but with lighter weight and focused on form.

Strength: Rounds of

  • Squats 3X3/100kg 2X5/90kg
  • Military 5X4/40kg
  • T BOR 5X5/50kg

BW Work-Rounds of

  • Ring Dips 3X5
  • Wide Pullup 3X8
  • Negative Russian Leg Curl 3X8-10

Accessory: Rounds of

  • Inc DB Bench 10,8,6/20kg
  • DB Hammer Curl 10,8,6/16kg
  • Pullover 3X15/26kg


  • It wasn’t a smart idea to squat after Tuesday’s workout. I wasn’t as strong as usual and wasn’t focused enough.
  • I had no elbow pain during the squat, I put the bar deeper on the shelf I created so my arms wouldn’t need to support as much. The last time I squatted the bar kept slipping and sliding of my back. It’s the first time I squat with a tank-top and had no traps pain.
  • After the workout since it was my buddy’s birthday we went to swim a bit and to the jacuzzi. I had to keep him off his house till’ like 9pm so I got to have some fun with him. After we took off the gym we went to a sushi bar and got a plate of rice and chicken and a roll of sushi. We came back at 9pm and ‘surprised’ him with the party. I ate there great food- a lot of chicken and meat since we had a BBQ.

I had a lot of studying to do this past week so it looks I have some catching up to do…

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” Colin Powell

Friday, March 6th, 2015 WOD

Strength: Rounds of

  • Deadlift 1/130 5X3/120kg
  • Dips 3,3,3,3,5/+20kg on the last set dropped the weight and bangged 12 reps
  • Wide Pullup 5X5/+10

Conditioning: Rounds of

  • Squat 15,15,12,10/70kg
  • Decline Inverted Row 4X15
  • Decline Pushup 15,15,12,10


  • Most of the reps of the squat done without pausing at the top of the movement. Those soaked my clothes with sweat!
  • Good workout.

Monday, March 9th, 2015 WOD

Had a workout with the pre-military training group. We started the workout with a run of a few laps to warm-up and then did 10 laps-first 3 had to be 1:25 minutes at most, next 3 1:15, then 3 laps of 1:10 and finished with AFAP. 1 lap is around 250 meters if I’m not mistaken, perhaps more.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 WOD

Our group (pre-military…) had a march with stretchers and sandbag for an hours. I carried the stretcher 3 times and carried a sandbag also 3 times. We had time given us to make some distance, I don’t remember… Was easy, the stretchers folded on my shoulder and arm, I got kicked out from the stretcher haha. I ran another 3km slowly after the march.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 WOD

Strength: Rounds of

  • Squat 3X3/100kg 2X5/90kg Paused reps-2X6/80
  • Military 5,5,4,4,5/40 10,8/30
  • T-BOR 2X6,3X5/50

Conditioning/BW Work: Rounds of

  • Banded GHR 15,15,15,8,10+5(rested 10-20sec and repped 5)
  • Ring Dips 5,5,5,5,5
  • Pullup 8,6,6,5,5

Optional Work: Rounds of

  • Low Unilateral Crossover 3X20/? heavy enough
  • DB Curl 10,8,6+2/16kg
  • Pullover 15,15,12/26


  • I definitely felt the day before stretcher-march during the squat and I don’t know if it’s because of that but my chest and knees caved in. The squat went horrible. I need to naile my form better. I hope the high rep work after the deadlift will help. Any tips will be awesome!
  • I haven’t done GHR in a while. Pretty easy, the hamstring got sore though.
  • Overall another great training session.

Friday, March 13th, 2015 WOD

Conditioning: Rounds of

  • Squat 15,15,12/70kg
  • DB Military Press 12,10,10/14kg
  • Lean away pullup 10,10,5

Strength: Rounds of

  • Deadlift 1/130 4X4,1X3/120kg
  • Dips 1/+25kg 5X5/+20kg
  • Wide Pullup 1/+15kg 2X6,3X5/+10kg

Supplementary work: Superset of

  • Standing Calve Raise 3X15/70kg on the bar
  • DB Lateral 15,15,12+3/8kg


  • I wasn’t mentally there till I started deadlifting, wasn’t focused.
  • The last set of the deadlift sucked, I felt my form starting to breakdown so I let it go. I prefer to miss a grinder than to get hurt. I’ll get it the next time with better form.
  • I forgot I had to do 5 sets of 4. The dips just flew! I’m getting better at dips really fast.
  • This week was really exhausting, I had to report some project and I had 3 tests during the week. At least one of them was a math test, probably the only subject I actually love and actually interests me.

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

I took measurements today and all this stuff. I gained 1 kg, dropped almost 1 cm of waist (belly-button) circumference and all the other circumference (arms, legs, chest etc) are going up. I guess that’s a good sign!

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” Buddha

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Conditioning: Rounds of

  • Banded GHR 20,15,15,15,15
  • Ring Dips 5,6,6,5,6
  • Pullup 6,6,6,6,6

Strength: Rounds of

  • Squat 1/110 5X3/100kg
  • Military 1/45kg 5,5,5,3,3,4/40kg
  • T-BOR 5X10/45kg

Finished with 50 Face-pulls.


  • I have no idea why I haven’t done before the GHR prior to the squat, made the squat feel better
  • Squat went great. No form problems whatsoever. I had some rear delt pain, I guess it’s because I let my elbows to flare back more than usual.
  • The rows felt awesome, I paused for 1-2 sec on peak contraction. I believe I could row a bit heavier but the back will definitely be sore tomorrow.

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 13th, 2015 Work of Today

Today as every usual Tuesday I had a workout with my pre-military training group. Since it’s an election day here we had a bit different workout. We had to run some distance at some time (we ran 6 times if I’m not mistaken) and right then we all had to drop to push position and while we hold that position the instructor asked as questions about some stuff about the government and election issues and stuff. If we were right we got 15 second to rest if not we had a drill/act. The first drill was simply to crawl some distance AFAP, the next drill we had to do was what our instructor calls “reverse evolution”-run, bear crawl (running on ‘4 legs’) and to crawl. The next drill was 6X6 sprints (I have no idea why it’s called that way… We sprint 3 times back and forth-6 times total). After all that the instructor asked us the remaining questions while we were in push-up position, if were wrong we had to do 10 push-ups, if we were right he continued to the next question.


  • Good workout overall. I didn’t know most of the answers, I don’t like politics and all that bullshit. luckily my teammates knew most the answers.
  • My neck was sore a bit before the workout began, it really hurt while crawling.