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Conceive Baby While On AAS ?


Hey Everyone,
can a woman get pregnant while her partner is using testosterone?


Naw dude, steroids are like birth control for men, if you want to be really safe just pull out when you're about to blow your load. But in all seriousness, hell yeah you could get your woman pregnant, I don't know why you'd think otherwise.


"Birth control for men" Boy does that make my question sound silly! No, I asked that because of something a poster said in another forum on a somewhat similar subject.
I just went back to reread and could not find it. Perhaps I misread it. Thanks for enlightening me!


short answer....yes.


Absolutely. I know a few people that it has happened to. However not all that common. I would suggest using a secondary method of birth control if you dont want any little ones in your future.
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If their relationship is already less than perfect and he contines to spend excessive time at the gym.. anything can happen... I ain't saying whose wrong or right here...

(oops... sorry... I misunderstood your question)(dang, I keep letting my personal insecurities creep into my posts... :stuck_out_tongue: )


Testosterone has been experimented with as a male birth control option, but isn't completely effective. It will likely lower your sperm count and mobility, but it will most certainly not sterilize you.