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Conan's Workout


So, who here has built a professional caliber physique solely from pushing this big... rotating thing all year round as a slave?

could someone write me a program for it?


umm actually conan followed a bodybuilding workout similar to arnold schwareneggar's when the camera's weren't rolling.


T Nation has already provided...



Arnold who? cameras? what are you talking about. geeze.


T-101 vs Conan. Who wins?


We all do!


That scene was filmed on a Monday. On alternating days (Tues, Thurs, Sat) they chained him in the opposite direction and had him push backwards.


LOL you beat me to it hehehe.....and of course there's the possibility that they cycled a few 'walk on your hands' weeks,push and pull.


Nice avi. Isn't that from Calvin and Hobbes?


Thank you.Would be lying if I said I knew dragonmamma,just liked it when I saw it.


It is, someone took the time to scan in the panels and make a "flip book" out of it. That cartoon kicks ass.


notice how he's the only one left at the end <_<


Random fact: they actually built a functional milling wheel for that scene and when Arnie first pushed it (expecting resistance) it swung around and hit him on the back of the head. For the scenes they had people off camera pushing against him to make it look hard.

Those things are usually powered by wind, so what did they expect?