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Conan's Wheel

I mainly compete in powerlifting but I have an amature strongman contest coming up and one of the events just happens to be the conans wheel. I am deployed overseas at the moment and dont have access to one to train with.

I have just started doing zercher walks for distance after pick up from a half squat at around hip level.What are anyones thoughts on the weight ratio to a zercher walk vs. conans wheel.


Conan’s wheels vary too much to give you a straight answer. The length of the arm, the distance from the end of the arm to where the weight is loaded, even teh weight of the apparatus itself and the height of the pick can all have an affect on it. My honest, best answer is just to tell you to get as strong as possible on them - you will be pleasantly surprised at teh carryover that you really do get from them. This is one time where I wouldn’t fault someone for wrapping the bar in a towel or something (although I dont) simply because the thickness of a conan’s arm eliminates discomfort in teh crook of the elbows as a factor.

With all that said, if youre still not satisfied adn desperate for SOME kind of answer, I did a 455 zercher in april when I was just messing around adn that was about 9 months after I’d done about a dozen trips of 50’ with a 700 lb conans (had to reset the wheel each time at a contest.) So take that for what it’s worth (which is probably nothing)

Cheers mate. That actually helps quite a bit. At least I know that zerchers now have a good carry over to conans wheel.