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Conan Trailer


I am a huge fan of Conan. And because of the Game of Thrones I am a fan of Jason Momoa.\

This looks awesome.

I have been reading Conan for almost 30yrs. Why the heck does it seem like every movie has to start with Thoth Amon? Or at least it seems that way. AND if you are going to do so there are some already set females that are a central part of that storyline.

I dunno.. the trailer seems like Thoth Amon, I could be wrong. What do you think?


Belit is awesome and not part of this.



Looks interesting now. I didn't think it would work a long time ago but I take that back.


So much hate from the 15 year olds on the youtube comments. Yes, I came to the conclusions everyone that posts comments on YouTube in 12-15.


No Basil Poledouris score.
Instead there is br0 rock.
I'll watch it on cable.
Then I will complain about it.


What's with the Jack Sparrow eyeliner? Isn't this guy supposed to be rugged?


The movie looks very good, but this isn't Conan. I'm sorry, but judging by the trailer, it hasn't manage to capture the Robert E. Howard spirit of the '30


Looks like a good movie and I'll probably watch it at home when its released on DVD. Nothing against Momosa as I like him in Game of Thrones but he just looks small as Conan compared to the first movie and it just takes me out of the movie.

Also hope they kept parts of the original soundtrack for this movie. Maybe I'm just nastalgic - I'll go watch some old conan tomorrow before I hit the gym.


I also listen to the Conan theme when I run....the drums are fantastic.


Looks better and better with each new trailer. I'm psyched for this - and I'm a big fan of the first film with Arnold.

Momoa definittley looks big enough onscreen. I think he'll be a great Conan.


Here's my Conan hardcover of all the Howard stories.


Movie looks sick. I had my doubts about Momoa, but not after seeing him as Khal Drogo. Dude is going to pull this role off perfectly.

I just wish Conan had a beard, because Momoa looks infinitely more badass as Drogo than he does as Conan.


Very much, this. But I still don't see the need for it in 3D.

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I caught these clips from an online episode summary the other day. I've got to admit, dude can definitely deliver a solid degree of badassedness.


You know - I think I agree. If we had Drogo as Conan without the shaven chested douchbagery momosa, I think I'd enjoy it more.


... The Barbarian.


"And hear the lamentations of their women."


One of the best kills I've seen.


Classic McGruber


Oh my God. How much did it cost and can you send me your copy for free?


I'd love to see Fafnir in the movie. Now that was an awesome secondary character.