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Conan Pic


Found this picture in my gym on wednesday evening . Its the owner of the gym, Joe Dodd . Thought it was pretty cool . He used to be Mr. North America and got several more titles .


Why do I feel like I've been Rick Rolled?


While this is a pretty random thread, Dodd is apparently legit. He's got a page on musclememory.com listing all his 30-ish years of competitions.

If you want to freak him out, print out this pic and post it next to the Conan shot. And maybe ask if he still keeps in touch with that model lady-friend.


He would have made a good sidekick


I doubt he keeps in touch with the particular lady friend . The guy is 67 , still has big arms , although the age is taking its toll on him .


1 more pic .


Sick triceps.


Do you know how to avoid rupture?


Think about baseball.


OK, that was funny.


I have my moments. How you been man?