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Conan O'Brien to TBS


Coco's doing a cable show now:

I'm swamped with exams so I don't really have time to post more on it, just thought I'd share for those who care on here.

I don't have TBS, so this is a problem for me...hopefully another Canadian channel gets it, too.


I don't stay up late enough to watch him anymore (and haven't in a few years) but I don't have TBS, either, so this saddens me.


eh, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Even if you don't have cable I guarantee you will be able to find the episodes online.


and what has George Lopez, who has a late night show on TBS, said about this?


Does anyone even watch the Lopez show?


I can't even sit through the commercials for that show.


Ditto. I'm surprised it's still on the air.


Hmm...maybe he can become Conan's Conan.


TBS told Conan they were going to move Lopez to midnight. Conan said no, he didnt want to do that to someone. Lopez called him personally and told him that he wanted Conan to come to TBS and that he was happy to move to midnight. I've never watched his show, he's annoying.


If that is true, Conan has gained even more respect from me.


Respect for Lopez too. I may not find him funny, but that's fucking cool of him.


He gets to follow Conan. I'm guessing he wants the strong lead in to bump his numbers so that he can still remain employed...for a little while anyway.


Either way, both are cool guys. Don't be a negative Nancy, be a positive Paul.



TBS was gonna cut Lopez if he didnt "personally" call Conan.


Mr. Conspiracy Theory over here.

I watched the Lopez show once, he had his wife+daughter from the Lopez Show on(Constance Marie/Masiela Lusha), and they're both hot so I didn't turn it off for that segment. Constance was actually pretty funny, Lopez not so much.


I liked lopez stand up back in the day... but he fails horribly at hosting a talk show.. I want him to do well but his show will be cancelled. I couldn't even watch 5 min of it.


there's no conspiracy here, man. lol

look, Conan is a big name that people who don't watch tv can recognize wheras lopex is known for a show people watched because the chicks were hot. Conan refusing to take lopez's spot had to get the execs thinking "get rid of lopez so conan has no choice"...compromise? get lopez to take a backseat and offer conan the spot "graciously" when in reality lopez is protecting his job for the few months it has left.

lol, that's simple, no conspiracy at all

his daughter, damn!! someone post a pic!!


Just busting balls Rock, I present a truce:


truce accepted