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Conan 10th Anniversary


I am so glad they brought out the masturbating bear, though Andy Richter’s segment was kind of weak.

Anyone else watch this?

Anyone else dissapointed they didn’t reshow Conan’s “Oscar party pictures” from a couple years back?

OH MY GOD. I haven’t laughed SO hard in my life. Well…okay…not exactly; but you get the point.

I’ve watched, oh maybe, two of Conan’s shows. Was mildly amused. OH but, this was hilarious.

From the opening on to the very end, I laughed. The “Andy Richter” montage was priceless. As was the moments of Conan “kissing butt” - hell, all the montages were hilarious.

Uh, you thought the Andy Richter segment was weak?

Well, I was a huge fan of the show back when Andy was still on, and he really defined the comedy for years - to have him on for only 10 minutes and a short montage of his work was kinda weak.

I think I just fantasize about Richter coming back, now that his show has flopped on network television.

Damn I missed it. I bought the 5th Anniersary on VHS, funny as hell. I hope they’ll put this one on DVD.

The masturbating bear makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it. Triumph the insult comic dog is very very nice…FOR ME TO POOP ON!!

Yes, the Triumph The Insult Comic Dog was just…classic.

The one where he’s at some theater for a Star Wars movie opening was memorable.

Triumph to a very pregnant female Star Wars geeky fan, looking like she’s ready to burst(referring to her “bun in the oven” as a “he”): “…so this is the last time he’ll ever see female genitalia…”

Triumph to someone dressed as Darth Vader: “which one of these buttons (on his costume), calls your mom to come and pick you up?”

Triumph humping just about every dog at a dog show. And then a dog humping Triumph.

I remember back in the day when “Pets.com” hand puppet sued “Triumph” for libel. The two companies actually went so far as to have the puppets hold a press conference at the courthouse.

I freakin LOVE Conan

I was cracking up to hard last night, but I couldn’t watch all of it cause I had to get up early for work, so I had to hit the hay. In any case, Conan is the man.

Scrub…where did ya get the 5th anniversary tape BTW??

I just went onto another board (film and TV focused) and read through posts there regarding this show.

I’m STILL laughing.

Another priceless tidbit: Mother Theresa trashing her hotel room.

That’s it, from here on out: I’m watching Conan.

TonyG: I got it for Christmas from my mom with the Chris Farley Best of SNL. I think you can get them from nbc.com or Ebay.

It’s a classic. Max Weinberg’s public service announcements, Andy at Woodstock, Pimpbot, inappropriate response bit, Andy as an R&B singer. Priceless.

ive been watching off & on for a few years [though i watch pretty often now]. i think the guy is by far the funniest late night guy EVER.Andy richter was a fuckin G. i remember one [when i didnt watch all that much] when tony danza was on.conan asked danza about his recent tatoo removal, and danza went on to explain how he had this tat of a cartoonish truck bustin through his shoulder with the words “keep on truckin” inscribed underneath, but got it removed for some reason. before he could finish, richter cut him off and asked “does that mean… you’ve stopped truckin?” i fell off my couch i was laughing so hard, and its still maybe the funniest thing i’ve ever heard.
yall be good

His sense of humor is not for everyone, but Conan is the GREATEST late night talk show host ever. Even when I had 6 A.M. workouts in college my routine was always to go to bed after the monologue and the opening comedy bit! I’ve got to tell you, it is a wonderful, excellent show…for me to poop on!!!

I actually had tickets to this but I couldn’t make it, so I sold them on ebay for 630 bucks. The guy I sold them to was concerned he couldnt’ get in without ID, but he flew to NY anyway. Not only did he get in, but he got VIP treatment: He met Conan, the producers, the writers, and got special seating.

Thank got for Comedy Central…they replayed the Anniversary special the other night, so I was able to watch the whole thing. Freakin HILARIOUS!!! Triumph was classic. Wish they would have showed more of Clinton interviews. And what about “In the Year 2000?” Regardless, it was awesome

glad to hear you joined the Conan bandwagon. You’ll never go back