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COMT "Slow" Variation Just With 1A/3?

Coach, apologies if this has been answered before - are the only neurotypes that have the COMT Met/Met variation of the gene Type 1A and Type 3? Could for instance a Type 2B have COMT Met/Met aka the slow variation of the gene?

Yes, it is possible. After all, it is doubtful that there are only 5 types of people in the world!

There are absolutely hybrid types that will show a strong dominance for a neurotype but still have. genetic “mutation” that can give them characteristics of a different type (e.g. type 1B with ACTN3 XX, Type 3 with ACTN3 RR, type 3 with great methylatio, etc.).

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A bit of a side question, But have you ever thought about the link between type 1A and people who are said to be “Psychopath” or “Narcissistic”?

He has mentioned similar thoughts briefly in his neurotyping course, but these types of people are very rare. They have ZERO empathy due to very low glutamate and very high GABA levels.

A perfect example would be Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) from American Psycho.

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yes of course. Psychopaths will have essentially zero glutamate and very low acetylcholine/serotonin. Leading to no empathy at all and essentially a depersonalization of other individuals.

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Thank you as always coach! From the 3 times I have taken the test over the past couple of years my results always come out 1B and 2A as secondary. I know I have slow COMT genetically as well as ACTN3 XX genetically. I had just thought those were reserved for Type 1A/3 Mistakenly.

Also out of curiosity what the hell would a 1B ACTNXX look like? Good speed endurance? Good mid-distance runner?

Highly skilled, fast learner but not explosive,. You’d find a lot of them in golf, baseball (not the hardest hitters or throwers), soccer, water polo, diving, rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, the “high engine/weaker” Crossfitters, biathlon, tennis, motorsports.

Note that for tennis or baseball, those guys can still be decently powerful in their strikes or throws if they are very tall with long limbs. For example Randy Johnson in baseball or Milos Raonic in tennis.

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Coach, Are most Olympic gold medalists Neurotype 1A or 1B?


First, because typical 1A and 1B are not suited for all the Olympic sports. Endurance athletes will tend to have a greater proportion of Type 3, artistic sports will have more 2Bs.

And there will also be a lot of 2As, especially 2A actors, which might not be as naturally gifted as 1Bs or great under pressure like 1As (and 1Bs), but they tend to be harder worders and tolerate a greater training load.

Being of a certain neurotype can give you some advantages in some sports, but it doesn’t mean that only certain types can be great athletes.


Thank you coach. Training sounds like it would still stay type 1b nueral based just won’t be as explosive.