COMT - Euphoria or Misery - Double Edged Sword

Coach I hope everything is good! Just another question on Neurotransmitters is all :wink: .

If you are a worrier (low COMT) it means that it takes longer for you to clear catecholamines (adrenaline, dopamine, etc). So what I get from that is, exercise is a double edged sword. Low intensity higher duration (within reason) excercise can clear out catecholamines quicker. BUT, increase that intensity or duration a bit too much and you will burn out and feel even more anxious.

Am I right in saying this? Also wouldn’t your body adapt to the stimulus that is causing you to burnout or feel anxious anyway over time so you would lose that feeling eventually?

I can go on a slow and I mean slow 1hr+ run and feel fine after, or I can lift heavy or go to failure on a couple excercises and not be able to sleep and wake up groggy. Same with doing to much HIIT.

I don’t like the “worrier” classification for slow COMT because “warriors” also have slow COMT. Slow COMT only makes you worry more if you have low levels of serotonin and GABA. In others it mostly increase aggressiveness and competitiveness as well as make you impatient.

In my classification, Types 1A and 3 have slow COMT and both have drastically different personalities.

That makes sense. Good point. I think the monicker was given for headline purposes in the news. I appreciate the response. Thank you as always.