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Poverty in South America has declined within the last two decades. In 1990, 12.2 percent of the population was living on $1.25 per day; that number has dropped to 5.5 percent despite the population’s rising from 422.3 million in 1990 to approximately 581.4 million.



From the same article:

“The southern half of South America has a much lower percentile of the population living below the poverty line, excluding Bolivia, which is at a steep 48 percent.”

From link in above article to another article on the same site:


“For the vast majority of citizens in Bolivia, this proves to be a major issue. 60% of Bolivians live below the poverty line. In rural areas, the numbers are even more dramatic. Three out of every four people living in these areas suffer from poverty. Because of this, Bolivia the poorest country in [South America](http://borgenproject.org/poverty-south-america/).”

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Excellent rebuttal using the same source.
I can’t wait to weigh in on a variety of topics touched on here by Zep later tonight when I get some time to articulate an appropriate response against Green New Deal, Canadian/UK style medical systems, and “living wage”.
I know it’s like feeding the Gremlin after midnight, but sometimes that’s entertaining.


Evo Morales has been President of Bolivia since 2006 and is a member of the “Movement for Socialism” party and Bolivia is the poorest nation in South America. Color me surprised.


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So the poverty rate is falling.


Yeah M4A is a scam. While every other modern nation in the world has some form of single-payer. The U.S. does not. The U.S. spends more money as a percentage of GDP and about twice as much per capita with often worse results. The population is being scammed. After 33 states plus D.C. have legalized medicinal cannabis, pharma still continues to lobby against it. Why would they deny choice? Same as the food industry’s attempt to keep GMO’s off the label. They DON’T want the public to have a choice for fear they may choose another option. And that will take away from their bottom line. And we can’t have that. Anything for another buck.


Since you brought it up, I will tackle this one now. I am glad you agree M4A is a scam. However, single payer is also not the way to go. Talk to some folks in Canada about access to specialist doctors. More often than not the wait is greater than 6 months (my source for this is friends of mine and my wife who live in Canada). Think about that for a minute. You suspect you have a major medical condition like cancer, but you can’t see the oncologist for treatment for 6 months. In 6 months that cancer may kill you or become incurable.
Are there problems with insurance in the US? Definitely. Cost has dramatically increased for most Americans since the Obamacare provisions have gone into effect (over the last 5 years, my deductibles have more than tripled and my premiums have doubled). Also, there is the fact that medicine such as insulin is way more expensive here than in Europe (blame the FDA for that one).

I will tackle the issues with Green new deal later.


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Also - explain to me what federal taxes do pay for?


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Yet it still remains the NUMBER 1 poorest country in South America despite an abundance of valuable natural resources. Which means you look at factors such as:

“The 2016-2020 Country Partnership Framework (CPF) that establishes the parameters for the World Bank’s collaboration with Bolivia has been in effect since last year. Under this agreement, the World Bank has made up to US$ 2 billion available to the country to finance development projects in different areas.”

What’s new? This went a similar way during Chavez’s time in Venezuela. Look at them now.