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Comrade Sanders and Fundraising


All of what you say doesn’t take away his funding donations. You and your bankrupt ideology are losing.


You don’t have to support the other side to not be in love with all of Bernie’s positions. I would put myself squarely in this camp.


Ya, we had moved on to talk about something else… He raised a bunch of money from suckers. Good for him. He’s been leeching off suckers for 30 years.

You couldn’t wait like a week before going straight to your copy/paste replies?

Prepare yourself. You’re now the enemy to Zeppy.


Not particularly excited about the outcome, I think I will be able to enjoy the process if it comes down to those two


@dt79 get em!


I don’t need to. He lies so much he forgets his own lies:

^He’s going to start shadow boxing and losing again.


@Zeppelin795 since you’re back can you answer all these questiosn for me now.



So the majority of the population are just lazy do-nothings?


You mean the wage increase he obtained for Amazon workers and Disneyland employees. That nothing? What have other politicians done that have tangibly affected the masses? Especially ones that you look up to.


So it is questioned that I’m not disabled. I guess that I’m just making it up. MMT is merely a description of how the monetary system works. It goes against the self-ordained economic orthodoxy. Are programs paid for by tax dollars? No. Anytime someone suggests a program(Green New Deal)that will help the populace. The how you gonna pay for it question is always asked. As if the fed. budget is the same as a household. However this question is rarely, if ever asked about the wars or bank bailouts if I remember correctly.

This was the wrong study I defended by accident, as was stated several times before.

The study I was supposed to participate in. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29523171
Of the mild AEs denoted as possibly related to treatment, most were headache or fatigue.
Wow what debilitating side effects! All the while everyone had a positive experience

Dt79 employs a technique that tries to highlight any negatives while completely ignoring the benefits. But what can you expect? He has nowhere else to go. You don’t expect him to admit the obvious? It has to fit his narrative first. And if it doesn’t just deny, deny ,deny.


No, the majority of the population doesn’t have a growth mindset and would rather watch re-runs of Friends than take a night class or read a book.

A friend of mine used to make fun of me for doing homework at 25 years old instead of staying up late and playing video games with our group. That same friend still makes minimum wage whereas my pay has doubled in about 6 years.

The one where a bunch of employees lost out on performance bonuses? He didn’t “obtain” that increase for them.

Ya, he had zero to do with that.

Why would I look up to a politician? The vast majority of them are hot garbage.


I would love for you to explain MMT.


Lying again.

Back it up, then. I back up everything I assert. Go on. Do it.

Bloody liar.


You couldn’t fund 5% of the Green New Deal with every single dollar spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


We’ve gone back and forth many times. I used to play the game. I don’t play the game much anymore. The best way to end the posts would be for no one to ever talk in them. Trolls don’t like it when they are ignored.


How would I know? At this point, all I know for a fact is that you lie all the time. I even gave you the benefit of the doubt previously even though you were already lying about several things but you took kindness for weakness and doubled down on the lies. Why should I believe you just because you claim something to be true? Even if you want to virtue signal and try to make the case that I have a moral obligation to believe everyone who says they are disabled, that obligation to you expired when you kept on lying after being called out again and again.


But then we’ll miss out on the train wreck…


I do miss when he changed the avatar more often. At least gave us something to look at besides weird posts.


Zero doubled is still zero my man.