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Comrade Sanders and Fundraising


I gave him the benefit of the doubt before and handled him with kid gloves. I feel it’s now reasonable for me to not fully believe anything he says without any evidence after we’ve all seen how much he lies in this forum.


I notice that you admit to having read his posts, so it IS unreasonable to doubt his mental disability.


Ahaha maybe he’s also a lesbian, transgender, immigrant and Alyssa Milano.


I’d like to have a little Alyssa Milano in me.

Edit: Alyssa Milano is super annoying but I’d like to have sex with her. Apparently even if it’s some weird stuff.


I’d prefer to have a little of me in Alyssa Milano, but to each their own I suppose.


I think you have that backwards … if not, then no judgments man … to each their own




God bless you man. I was just about to find this quote.

I seem to recall sharing some flabbergast with you last time


Lol typed that too fast. Damn I’m coming off as a bigger dumbass than OP in this one.


Don’t sweat it man … you’re level of dumb-ass has already been established and is legendary hahaha


Isn’t that supposed to be your level of dumbass?!

Legendary status achieved and acknowledged.


Why yes it is, thanks for pointing it out!

The unexamined life and all of that :slight_smile:


You’re excited to see Trump lose?


You sound mad bro?


I’m not. Thank you for correctly naming a thread.


Yes a career politician who spent his career fighting for the masses.

Yeah, that they just got tired of hearing and experiencing the same bullshit about trickle-down economics.

Keep telling yourself it works, while the gap between the have’s and have nots continue to grow. You continue to believe the narrative because it is more important to you than the truth.


It is the truth and most of the posters on here only hear the propaganda version of events.


You mean a career politician that’s done exactly zero for the masses while becoming a multi-millionaire, right?


When I was born my parents lived in an apartment. When I left home to join the military my parents lived in a 4 bedroom single-family home with 6 acres of land. No degrees between them.

I’ve gone from military housing with no degrees to multiple degree / CMA and a basement apartment to a 4 bedroom single-family home.

Seems to be working fine for those of us that put the effort in.


Is this like what goes on in Scandinavian countries? Since Bolivia is socialist and is close to Venezuela why isn’t similar things happening? Because of the oil and lack of U.S. sanctions?