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Comrade Sanders and Fundraising

Even if he wasn’t number 1 in fundraising, it says a lot about a populace who has awoken to the decades of spin in regards to trickle-down economics. They have seen the vast majority of gains going to those who do not need it, while they are treading water. Sanders represents a reversal of fortune.

Sanders vs Trump sounds like exactly what this country needs. I’m so excited

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At least you finally got a thread title right.


“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Zeppelin795 — their last post was in Dec '18.”

The forum put this down. Let’s see if we can break a new record this time for absences from OP.


They aren’t woke. They’re just excited about this new flavor of bullshit called “democratic socialist” being fed to them by a career politician.

Welcome back dumbshit. I kinda missed insulting you.


I don’t think this is helping your cause here. There are better ways to fight for liberal causes than baiting people on a lifting forum. A good example would be to not bait people on lifting forums.


Good thing we have bright people like you and Bernie to tell us what we “need”.

Do I need to bring up videos of Bernie praising the USSR, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and breadlines? Then I can juxtapose that with news stories about people in all those countries starving to death and/or living lives far below that of the poorest Americans on benefits…

Remember that when Marxism tries to find equality, it never elevates the poor. It merely makes everyone but the politically connected poor. It crushes those that can’t flee until everyone is equally miserable.

It’s like the prophecy that Anikin would bring balance to the force. He sure as fuck did. He gave them “balance” good and hard.



I don’t know what Bernie is so mad about anyway. Dude made over a $1M in book sales like a year ago. I’m sure AOC’s book deal is right around the corner.

“How to win votes and earn 6-Figures with a sub-70 IQ” By Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Man if this is true, imagine how abysmally terrible nearly all Americans are at life.

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Could you imagine explaining to people born years ago that a guy who tapes himself playing video games and the Kardashians are multi-millionaires?

That’s not a knock. Playing video games for money is my idea of heaven. I don’t even need millions.


I voted for Sanders for his last primary run, but if Stacey Abrams runs she’s getting my vote. Democrats pretty much agree among themselves what needs to be done policy-wise (I think one of the reasons Trump won the GOP primary is that 12 of his opponents had identical platforms to each other as well) and it would perfectly express my opinion of what the GOP did to cheat her out of the governorship of Georgia.

As for the socialism issue, whenever liberals point to Canada and Europe and say, “if they can do it, so can we,” the conservatives point to Latin America and say, “if they can’t do it right, neither can we.” It leaves me rolling my eyes whenever people talk about restoring the spirit of compromise to American politics, because that would require an acceptance of mutually agreed upon facts.

Interesting - I will probably wind up remembering that

I think you have this backwards - a spirit/attitude is not dependent upon facts
A spirit of compromise could lead to acceptance of mutually agreed upon facts
Feel free to roll your eyes, of course

Actually, not backwards - it can go either way

Attitudes can affect what facts are accepted
And also what facts are accepted can affect attitudes

That’s why I believe in the importance of precision above accuracy

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I’m old school. I’d rather still point to the USSR, a union that spanned two continents and outweighed the US in natural resources to the point of being in their own weight class. If they ended up a broken, demoralized, and cravenly murderous population, what chance does any other nation stand?

Pointing at Venezuela is kind of punching down on a one trick pony.

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You are conflating marxist leninist socialists with “socialism” as the philosophy that emerged prior to marxism. No one calls themselves “socialists” unless they are ideologically rooted in the former.

The Nordic States have already stated that they are not socialist. They are capitalist. Social democrats are not socialists. The capitalist countries in Europe with wide ranging social policies are not socialists. Social programs are not socialist.

Democratic socialists are socialists. If they are trying to redefine the word “socialism”, then they have to reject their marxist roots first. So far, they haven’t. While it isn’t very likely that anyone is going to be stupid enough to go to the extent of proposing State socialism although you never know with that idiot AOC, the underlying ideology is still dangerous.

The Latin American countries are/were socialist. Castro was a marxist leninist. Chavez aligned himself with him. Maduro is the same.

You keep saying you lived in China for several years. Are you ethnically Chinese or Caucasian? Do you speak the language fluently? If you are Caucasian, I would understand that you may have heard very different things since you are still considered an outsider to them and this is an issue of national pride. If you are Chinese, how do you not know this distinction?

Zep isn’t a liberal. He’s a self-professed marxist leninist socialist shit stain who posts links to sites set up by maoists, communists and holocaust deniers to support his arguments.

He is also a persistent liar who frequently manipulates evidence he posts and purposefully quotes parts of your posts to misrepresent your statements with the intent to paint you as morally abhorrent to others.

He claims to be disabled, jobless and on welfare, and has expressly stated his despise for income earners from the upper middle class and above, falling back on Modern Monetary Theory to mock the idea of the necessity for their tax dollars.

Oh, and he posts studies done on hamsters and insists they were done on humans because of the use of the term “animal model”. His ability to double down is second to none, as evidenced by the fact that the study in question also stated very clearly that “subjects were obtained from Bio Breeders”.


So a troll then?

I’m not sure but I doubt it. He’s been here since the 2000s but has not been banned. Judging from the things he writes, he does not seem to have an IQ over 70.

From a quick browse of his post history, he’s either a troll or dumber than a bag of rocks. No-one with half a brain would post the things he does and hope to achieve anything constructive with it.

Do you not believe him?