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Computer Wifi Question


I cant get my main PC to pick up wifi, Not my laptop. The room im going to make the office doesnt have a cable outlet so i have to use wifi but my comp isnt picking it up. It says I have to install something a driver maybe to recieve the wifi signal but I cant figure it out.

The comp is maybe 5 years old, its an emachine t5224.

Any help is appreciated thank you.


Can you see any signal (neighbors' for example) with your PC?


If its saying you need drivers check out eMachine's site they should have a link to download them. I have no idea what sort of Wifi card they would use.


well i have wifi for my xbox and laptop, it doesnt recognize anything.


Being as it is 5 years old and an e machine, does it even have a wifi card?

If not, you might wanna buy one of them.


well i have wifi for my xbox and laptop, it doesnt recognize anything.


Go to Start--->Control Panel--->Network Connections

Once on that screen, you should see an icon titled "Wireless Network Connection".

If you do, make sure that it enabled. If not, use the Connection Wizard to create the new connection.

If none of that works, hit up the eMachines website, download and install any drivers that are related to wireless internet.

If none of that works, take the easy way out...Lug the thing to Best Buy, and let the Geek Squad set you up. If the computer has a wireless card, it shouldn't cost you more than 100 bucks to have them get you up and running....But still that is way way more expensive than it needs to be. Chances are, it's something fairly simple, and you'll feel dumb when you fork over the cash.


That machine didn't come with a wireless adapter installed. You should go buy a usb wireless adapter and install it.