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Computer VGA Help


Looking at a laptop that only has VGA output. I realize HDMI is the way to go, but I don't use the feature often.

If anything I'll use it for powerpoint (do most LCDs have VGA hookups?) or connecting to a larger montior I have for watching movies. Pretty sure it has VGA.

But, how is the video quality? I tried google but didn't come up with much


Most LCD's do have VGA, as do projectors. I haven't noticed a difference between VGA and anything else up to 1280x1024, higher than that and I notice DVI or HDMI is crisper. VGA isn't terrible though.


Remember that you have to consider the resolution because there is VGA, SVGA, XGA, etc. And the difference is resolution. Scroll down this link to see a chart that explains...



You can also do DVI, I've seen a few TV's with it. Or S-Video. If you do S-Video you'll have a harder time. I tried it once and could only see a portion of the screen.


Just get one with HDMI.

I got an HP DV5 for the equivalent of $650, why buy a laptop with old technology?

Future-proofing is the way to go; besides, you just have to plug HDMI in and it works just as it should - no fiddling around with resolutions AND you get sound.

Other than that, VGA quality is fine as I used to use it before.


HP TX2Z (true tablet laptop) for $750 I can get great specs 12" though, which I would prefer 14", but that's ok